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      salvatore Andaloro

      Hello Damian
      What do you think of the chain punches in fighting in the distance?

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      If you’re punching you need to condition and prepare the fist – (SDTS Module 6).

      As long as you take ground and attack your target – cause more injury to him than you’re receiving – heck you could use a frying pan. Bruce Lee’s Straight Blast was a good example of this.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not “against” punching – it just needs to be trained a specific way – a way most martial arts experts don’t know, don’t have the equipment or want to teach.

      Conditioning the fist hurts and most people don’t want to do it. It’s much easier and faster to focus on edge of hand and heel of hand striking first.

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      salvatore Andaloro

      Wink THANK YOU

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      Just do the blat with heel of hand/Tiger claws and take ground works real good.

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      I love the straight blast have used several times I almost default to this every time. Lately I’ve been trying to convert to heel of hand blows, then I can go to work on there face when they cover up in defensive cover, works real good. RIP and Tear!

      Daren Williams

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      Georgios T

      Straight blast (I personally prefer tiger claws instead of punches) is good as a pressure technique to make the opponent move backwards and lose balance. We can then terminate the fight with elbows, knees or take downs for a close distance.

      But before that, as a very first step, we will probably need an entry (usually some kind of destruction or interception: e.g. edge of hand, crash helmet, skull and crossbones) which would allow us to move in closer to the target in a safe(r) manner.

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