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      J R

      I watched the video posted of the Seargant in Florida get the two guys fighting into custody by himself. I agree with Damian, great job by that officer. All I could think of after that was how my department would react to it: On my department that Sarge would be screwed. He would be suspended for Gross and Misappropriate Use of Force and told he should have hung back, waited for back up, tried to descalate the situation with his verbal skills, and the force he used was not appropriate for the situation.

      That is where policing is in Las Vegas, the MMA capital of the world. I got a knot in my stomach just thinking about the reprucussions of his actions out here. It is difficult. We are to protect people but we are really, really discouraged from placing our hands on people. I was taught in the Academy: Ask, Tell, Make. Now, the Academy is being taught: ask twice, be nice. FTO’s are frustrated with the current trainees but it’s not their fault how they are trained.

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