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      OK, I feel like I should’nt ask this. It’s not that I want to set up the room to bash on other people out there bjut…

      What do any of you guys think of Tim Larkin’s Target Focus Training?

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      Who the fuck is Tim Larkin! Not to sound oblivious. But I the only type of CQB training I stick to is what men like Damian and Cestari teach.

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      Oaky, I just got done checking out this Tim Larkin and some of his info might be okay, I’m still not convinced what he teaches can match anything on the SDTS

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      Oh I KNOW he does’nt match up to what Damian and Cestari teach! But I do think his mindset is right on in most respects. He talks about how he does not teach people to defend themselves, he teaches his students to injure the attacker. To be focused on making injury.

      I think that that aspect is essentially right. If you think too much about what the attacker can do to YOU instead of what you can do to HIM…it’s over for you.

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      Very ture. Don’t worry about defense. Offense is key to victory. So yeah, this Larkin didn’t impress me too much

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      Yeah, and that IS the problem; people being impressed with instructors out there in the magazines and such. NEVER be imprrssed my Granpa used to say. Be interested. Gravitate towards some people because they seem to make sense and do things that seem to work.

      Damian (sorry) did not “impress” me. He simply had me sold when it was clear he taught stuff that I knew worked and facilitated it in the most comprehensive manner I have seen…outside of Carl of course.

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      And of course that was the main thing. Once I saw he was the continuation ofm Carl Cestari, I knew the SDTS was the move.

      God rest his soul.

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      This reminds me of a great quote,
      “Successful people talk about ideas, everyone else talks about people.”
      Think about it, it applies here as well.

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      It really does Machine. If someone is all wrapped up in the “person” then they miss totally what the person has to offer. The great teachers try to tell the students that what they are teaching is not about them it’s about YOU.

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      LOL and that’s the prediciment with most JKDers. To focused on what Bruce “did”.

      Fact is, all the concepts that Bruce taught were pretty much also taught my Fairbairn and Sykes.

Viewing 9 reply threads
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