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      Damian Sr,

      My name is Robin, my first contact with Defendu was back in 1985, I was only 14 yrs. old, my uncle Harold Hoffmann served the U.S. Air Force during the WWII over Burma, India and China. He

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      I’d like to thank you personally for finding us and for noticing.

      Using words like “secrets” to get someone’s attention is marketing 101. And it’s OK to get someone’s attention, but blatantly lying is another. A secret is something that you know and I don’t. But creating false backgrounds and making false claims is not what we’re about.

      Moving forward, combatives to us is whatever gives you the tactical advantage at the time. MMA for the real world. The WWII research provides the foundation for what we do. The problem is, as the same with ALL defensive martial arts systems is that we have to keep true to the intention of our roots. Sport martial arts have contests. Defensive tactics have fights that are far less frequent and far less documented. We are striving to keep true to form and NOT “church it up”.

      If you wish you can post about your Uncle in the HISTORY section. It seems there are a few other guys here with stories of that generation.

      Welcome again and I look forward to your contributions.

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