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      Hi, Damian (Sensei Ross, not sure what’s proper, hence, new guy!),

      Just wanted to say I appreciate your patience with a person who has virtually no idea what he’s doing. Although, I may look like I’m about to keel over at the end of the session (or sometimes, in the middle) I am enjoying it. The whole experience is out of my comfort zone (as much a I hate using catch phrases) so everything about the class is good for me.

      And, if Michelle is looking in the forum, I want to her to know she has been a big help and also patient with me. I hope I’m not slowing her down…

      After looking up “shrimping” on YouTube so I can have some hope of doing it correctly, I found a good video that shows it done slowly. Slow enough for even me to understand.

      But, I also now have a craving for shrimp.

      Anyway…looking forward to the next session.

      Thanks again.

      Rob Bovasso

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      Thanks for the advice, Michelle. I shall keep it mind.

      And no worries on the whack on the chin. More of a surprise than anything else. I need to move faster!

      See you next session…


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