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The "disclaimer" I hate it.

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      Dear Sir,

      I Love watching the dvd’s over and over.
      The disclaimer is going to give me an aneurysm. This is exactly what is
      wrong in the world. I read in the hate-mail section how you devour that
      fool about lack of responsibility for one’s actions.

      How is heavens name am I gonna blame you if I smack
      one of my teeth out with a hammer?!? This is legal shit is insanity!
      I can only imagine this comes about from sub-human oxygen thieves
      who try to “sue” for money. I cannot even fast forward thru it.
      Its like those “at your own risk” signs. I mean, no shit. Such basic
      common sense should be automatic!

      I rekon if yer dumb, you better be tough.
      cause if you are smart, you won’t get hurt in a stupid way.
      Sir, your patience is commendable, and your answers to these
      sheeple is brilliant.
      Is there a way to bypass the disclaimer?
      If not I will channel my anger into poor brick.

      Many thanks and regards
      Gunther Kotze.
      Thank you for the channel link, that is toooooo cooool!
      I know none of those tricks, I have always relied on
      strength and brutality. You have shown me the Light.

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      Legal is as legal does. It is the world we live in.

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