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      Do you need empty hand self defense if you carry a firearm? Is strapping the “great equalizer” on all you need to ensure your safety? The popular belief that firearms enthusiasts from cops to citizens feel is that since they carry a gun, they have no need for empty hand tactics so why bother ever learning?

      The people who say this are for lack of a better word, lazy. They have convinced themselves that being able to hit a target with a bullet is all they need for self defense. Their ability to survive depends directly on access to their weapon. In a perfect world, this works. Unfortunately real life situations don’t happen in a vacuum. The circumstances that surround their need to draw a firearm, acquire the target and fire boils down to one factor TIME.

      Will you have time to recognize a threat, draw your weapon and acquire the target? Will your weapon function correctly and will you actually shoot and stop your target with the ammo you have? If you don’t you’re in a world of proverbial shit as your firearm is magically transformed into a club. The only question to ask is NOW WHAT?

      What happens if you don’t have access to your weapon or your enemy is so close you don’t have time to draw.

      A lot can go wrong and it usually does. You will be taken by surprise, you will have the “OH SHIT” moment (that second when your brain finally processes the attack) and unless you get the jump on your enemy, it’s a street fight. I once heard that “Everything outside 10 feet is a gun fight and everything with in 10 feet is a street fight” I think this statement is accurate (give or take a few feet).

      Listen, there is no either or argument since ITS ALL SELF DEFENSE!

      If you want to maximize your chance of survival you need to adapt a “Whatever it takes and by whatever means” attitude. Your bare hands, your boot a rock or a firearm, survival is what counts. You don’t get any points for style.

      This month The Self Defense Training System received an incredible review from the US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) a group of citizens dedicated to protecting their rights by keeping people like you well informed and well trained.

      These people get it. Even though they spend hours and countless rounds preparing to defend themselves against violent attacks they’re not leaving anything to chance. They know that self defense is RESULT DRIVEN not MEANS DRIVEN. In other words, it doesn’t matter HOW you get there only that YOU GET THERE.

      Hey, I have firearms, I have pepper spray, edged weapons and a whole other host of nastiness waiting for any scumbag who decides to pick my house and my family as a target. This is the driving force behind The Self Defense Training System. You must condition your self to take advantage of ANY AND EVERY opportunity. You must be willing to do whatever it takes because believe me, that piece of shit who is standing in front of you trying to take what’s yours has already demonstrated that he has no regard for your safety and well being.

      This is the problem with most people, they can’t imagine the reality of violence. Law abiding, good people imagine that their attacker has the same reasoning, logic and values. They imagine the firearm or the fact that they study a martial art is going to be enough. But it’s not. The most important skill to develop is your will to survive at all costs. Don’t try to project your thought process into the mind of your attacker. It does not work. You are a law abiding upstanding citizen, he is a ruthless animal. You would just as soon reason with a rabid dog than you would a crack head.

      Firearm or no firearm, you must be prepared to do whatever it takes period.

      Damian Ross
      The Self Defense Company
      The Self Defense Training System

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      I wouldn’t say “everything” Pizzo has out is BS. In one of his series he demonstrates how to get out of a mount. Mounts are basically a death sentence (unless it’s the UFC!) Anywho. Chris shows doing multiple shoulder stops like cestari has shown, smashing the mans shoulders while he’s mounted on you, loosen’em up, then simultaneously grab his shoulders or shirt, throw’em towards either left or right side to send’em off balance then violently and swiftly throw him in the other direction like a ragdoll. The first half-throw is send’em into confusion, before throwing his ass airborne the other way. Never done it before, but don’t see why it couldn’t work.

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      Who do you think taught Capt Crunch?

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      oh yeah! Damn, well you must of taught that douche alot. He has a new series out called “Law Dog Tactics” that’s his site. $69.99 for that shit. He just never ceases to amaze me!

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      I have to be careful about what I say since we are in active litigation.

      To the best of my knowledge he came to me as a green belt in judo. He learned what he knew from me and trained in it consistently for about a year and a half. The rest of the time he came to judo.

      Since I have known him (2003 to 2007) he has never placed in any tournament.

      I have only seen some clips of his product which was shot in my studio in pompton lakes. I can not comment on the quality of his product. The “law dog series” was filmed using God knows what twisty wrist bullshit techniques he showed on there (using my students). That’s all I can comment.

      If you didn’t all ready get the real stuff here:

      For the police stuff he doesn’t know go here:

      Like I said, I can’t comment too much on my former student and associate since the wheels of justice move slowly.

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      I was wondering, is it okay and safe to train with one or two hit combos? The techniques in the SDTS are the most effective ive ever come across. I’d think web of hand blow or chinjab followed by a drop step would render just about anyone incapacitated. The most I go is 3hit combo. Get in Get out kinda thing.

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      I had a new student in one of my classes ask me about pepper spray. I told him it was great and not just for girls. I know they talk pepper spray in womens self-defense courses but its for guys as well. Damian carries it with all the stuff he knows, so my student is in good company.

      Keepinit, the one or two hit may be okay but it is not necessarily what I would recommend. If your goal is to get away, as it should be, then one or two hits so that you can run may be good. But you should run, and not walk away because you may get shot in the back from the guy he is lying on his back.

      Because of some physical limitations, I cannot run, so my option is to hit until they quit twitchin’. Then I’ll hobble away the best I can.

      We don’t box where we’ll hit 2 or 3 times and see what is happening, just continue hitting (nonstop) until its over (whether that is 2 or 20 times).Its up to you to define what “over” is to you, I have my own definition. People’s philosophy and morality will govern when “over” is. Me, I’am going home when the altercation ends on my own terms (hopefully).

      As far as guns as self-defense, Murphy says your gun will be somewhere you’re not when you are confronted. Maybe not every time, but it will and can happen. So, yes, you have to have empty hands training. You may have your gun on you but his is already out and pointing at you. You gonna ask him to wait?

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