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The Role of Self Defense Instructor – A Worthwhile Endeavor!

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      ALL – For Your Consideration,

      The pasted letter below is from one of my students. He is 30 years old and ex-military. It seems that intense and focused training is bringing out the best in him, but not before it forces him to deal with his life issues. I have learned from this fascinating and sometimes complicated business that the work we do toward our own personal development, by following our drive to teach and share information honestly with others can have major impact on the fabric of our society. When you as an instructor, give a 30 year old man a place to go to get stronger, become more formidable, challenge himself and in general learn additional skills to protect himself and his family, you have truly provided a service.

      I am more convinced than ever that the responsibility and contribution of a dedicated self defense instructor are huge. These are trying times, but to me they are also “times for trying”. This man lost his job on Monday and he and his wife came in to lament that they could not train any longer. I advised that we would get through the difficult time together and that he should come back tomorrow to continue his journey. (He has since accepted a position as one of my new Program Directors).

      Certainly Self Defense/Martial Arts is a business, a commercial endeavor; but it is also the sharing of spirit and the strengening of that same spirit.

      Here’s wishing you all continued strength of spirit as well.

      Never Quit!



      This is what I got so far. I am not sure what you want said in it or what photos you want in it. If this is going to be a constant thing I should take more current photos of class and related materials for what will be in the next letter. This is just a template. I can arrange and re-arrange in any fashion. I copied and pasted text from the website to fill in so you would get an idea of what it can look like. Basically whatever you can think of, I can do it. I am not certain if I will be in class this week because I am still coughing and having difficulties taking deep breaths. I had pneumonia for two weeks before I saw a doctor about it. The medication I am on helps a lot but am probably looking at another week of recovery time.

      I feel I must say that I did not go to see you to get free training. I came there because I owed it to you to tell you to your face. I had sent you a text message but that wasn

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      Thanks for sharing your story with us. Life is about the relationships we keep. And one of the closest CAN be instructor to student. There can be a bond there that is unique and rather close. But ya do have to move past the money. Money is a reality but shouldnt bypass a promising student. Well done.

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