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      From: Joe Blow
      Sent: Fri 04/09/09 7:09 PM
      Subject: Fwd: DVD

      Why not put them on three or four DVDs and sell them for $300. Don’t tell me you can’t fit this stuff on that many DVDs. I made two two hour tapes a few years ago and covered everything. I believe there’s a lot of wasted time on the DVDs. I mean $1,000 if you sell just one thousand that’s a million. If you sell a million that’s one billion dolalrs you’ll make. I told that friend of mine twenty years ago when he was a 2nd degree Black belt I said, let’s take these tapes and sell them. He said, shit, so many people do that you couldn’t sell them. We could have been on our yachts in Florida right now. We learned through Dwyane XXXX. Dwyane had a guy who took classes with him and he became a Black belt. He created this training for FBI and Law enforcement and Dwyane sold it to them for around 3 million. For a dman training video. If this guy had listened to me when I told him twenty years ago. We could have sold two 2 hour tapes for $100 and been rich. Because your DVDs are not worth $1,000. Now system is worth that much money.

      First of all “Joe Blow” you’re a punk bitch. Use your real name if you’re going to step to me.

      Second, the SDTS is over 30 hours worth of material 25 manuals and LIVE support. Its a training COURSE not some cheap ass video.
      But, I’ll go along with your “ARGUMENT”. You obviously have not even looked into putting HD material on a commercial DVD. You’re max is about 3 hours. Then you run into production issues. But you’re right, I enjoy increasing my production costs 830%. That’s a real savvy business move.

      Next, it costs that much because it’s worth it. Hell, I’m thinking about raising the price just to get rid of more cheap SOB’s like yourself. At $1000 it’s a steal considering there is nothing like it on the market in content, method and support. The years it would take you to put this together….let’s see about 14 years in development and over $600,000 invested in CASH and TIME. Hmm, I think a grand is a steal.

      “Joe” you’re pissed because I have something worth buying. So what if my company makes 1 trillion dollars. I’ll most likely be paying over 50% in taxes to support your welfare so you can waste the world’s time by writing customer service.
      What does how much I make matter? When I purchase something I like, I want the company to succeed. This is what our country and the new global economy is based on. No, I bet you’re one of those guys who tries to screw your local merchant out of every dime and then complain about the economy when that poor guy goes out of business.

      Then you bring up some 2nd Degree Karate instructor. You’re a man, write about yourself, not you’re Daddy. You remind me of the kid in grammar school who, about to get his ass kicked, says, “my daddy can beat up your daddy” garbage.

      In conclusion,:

      You use a fake name which means you’re ful of shit, can’t be trusted or taken seriously.

      You never even TRIED the SDTS so you have no idea what you’re talking about when he refers to the SDTS. Free samples of the system IS NOT the system. Can you judge a movie by a 1 minute trailer?

      You value your life $300.
      The most you’re willing to pay for the stuff that will save your candy-ass is $300. That by the way is the real value you put on your karate training (that you obviously quit).

      You’re a punk bitch. Anyone who talks about how tough or how good someone else is will get sold for less than a pack of smokes in prison. You’re not a man, you’re a scared child.

      Joe, you’re the guy who once in a while, trolls the internet looking for cheap useless stuff to purchase. Then you compare it to the “Drum Technique” you learned in karate just to make yourself feel better. But that only lasts until the next time someone looks at you funny, then you crap yourself,cower back to your shitty apartment, run to your computer and blog about how you almost kicked someone’s ass.

      If you were a real man, you would have used your own name or even checked out module 1. But you probably would have quit, just like you did karate. You would have complained and I would be right back here posting more of your bullshit. So I’m glad you didn’t and I hope you never will.

      Joe, enjoy your life of uselessness and hoping that no one decides to call your bluff.

      Damian Ross
      BILLIONAIRE (According to Joe)

      PS. Please proof read your shit.

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      I’m with Damian all the way!

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      To any one who has never been REALLY attacked, you will not really understand or appreciate the advice given from Mr Ross.Trust me, it happens so quick on the street and like Mr Ross says its gonna be an excon with nothing but rage and hate in his heart for you.There is no ref and believe it or not most bystanders will ignore it or look in shock while youre- n01. getting your face kicked in,n02.Getting taken away by ambulance because your choking on your blood.Explain that to the kids waiting at home for daddy to see them and why you dont talk the same anymore [if you survive]!!!Youll be really grateful for all the bull youve been fed in your dojos for all them
      Like Mr Ross is saying, he is on your side.If your going to prepare to survive,first be honest with this topic.Second pre arm yourself with techniques that flipping hurt.Third dont hesitate when that time comes.
      I DON’T know ANYONE who could stand up to their foot being crushed, having your eyes gouged or throat chopped.Stands to reason it works.Think about this!!
      I DO KNOW loads of people who CAN take a reverse punch and roundhouse kick!!
      I have taught kickboxing most of my life but always tell students to not rely on it because it is only a sport!!
      I am going to become a company instructor if the company accepts me??!!
      I know the sdc training works.Its worth the 1000 dollars.Sorry if the explanation was brutal, but this is about real with FACTS!Which is what you get from this site!Not alot to pay to save your life!!

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      I hope you do make a trillion dollars and piss this idiot of so bad his eyes bleed.

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