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      The Shield is over. For those of you who never watched it, The Shiled was a TV show losely based on the old LA RAMPART task force that targeted gang activity.

      Last night was the seires finale and it didn’t disappoint as most finales do. Vic Macky’s life became a living hell..but in true Macky fashion, the last act of him putting his gun in his belt and smiling let you know two things…he’s not done and he truly is an evil SOB.

      Unlike the Sopranos who left us with loose ends and that hellacious ending, The Shield stayed true to form and everybody got what they deserved (almost).


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      I was hoping they was gonna push the envelope further and give Mackie what he deserved. Maybe him gettting a consious and taking himself out or one of his enemies getting him. Paying the ultimate price for his evil.

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      but taking that guy off the count would have been to east for him. It was like he was in his verison of hell: no badge, no gun, writing reports and staring at the only things that ever mattered to him.

      His actions at the end just showed how he really was, you can put him in hell, but he would never repent.

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      I see your point..I guess he is in a hell from greek myth….specifically hades of course. Its all good.

      Least they didnt pull a George Lucus on us. And have Mackie repent and all is forgivin :roll: I telll ya what now that Star Wars is done it is the biggesy crock that Anakin Skywalker was forgivin in Return of the Jedi. This dude is one of the biggest monsters in movies. He killed his prego wife and he murdered children. Wow…so ya just have to throw a guy off a cliff and all is forgiven? Come on.

      Thanks for taking a crap on part of my childhood george :evil: Sry I digress.

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      Not to get off base, but a GOOD bad guy is bad until the end. Macky was the cold-hearted SOB he was in episode 1. He lost everything and sacrificed all he “cared about”. His family, his partner. Ronnie was loyal to a fault and believed him and it took him about 10 seconds to act like it gave him a problem.

      So too far fetched…and how can I spin this into Self Defense…let me give it a shot.

      I’m sure you have known people like Vic Macky. People who appear to be friendly, say and do all the “right things” but your instincts tell you something is off- while your reasoning tells you there’s nothing to be worried about. Sometimes you have to deal with these people and form alliances to get to your end game. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a fox hole, a prison cell or a board room. Greed and deceit are human nature and some people will do what ever it takes to get what they want. They will throw you under the bus in a moments notice.

      I have dealt with 1%-ers, convicts and college graduates. There is no honor among thieves. Bad people are just wired that way. Vic reminds us that these people do exist. Now, I never go against my instinct and I tell my reasoning to shut the f#$%k up.


      PS. The Hades reference was spot on and George Lucas owes me 7 hours of my life

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      Just for the record. The reference to being a one percenter in my moniker I am taking it from biker terminogy and using it for my own purposes. I have had dealings with bikers and learned what it meant. And I thought ya know it isnt a bad philosphy in it basic form. So I took it from there and applied it to life.

      I figure maybe one percent of the population live to there potential and live life to there most. Sucking the marrow out of life. So it is a reminder to myself to go for it.

      Like the late great pro footbal player/ Army Ranger. Pat Tillman said…”if you are not red lining and challenging yourself on a daily bases. You are not living life.” How true Pat!…RIP Brother.

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