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The Tools of the Mafia are Key to Your Self Defense

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      While every ethnic group has its own form of organized crime, and nobody can claim the moral high ground when it comes to ethics the Italian Mafia or Cosa Nostra enjoys a level of fame and prestige other groups have yet to achieve. Some claim the organization has roots dating back centuries, but what is known is the Mafia of today ties back to 19th century Sicily, and has followed Italian immigrants around the globe. There have been a number of different Italian and other nationalities that have been called Mafia, but there are differences, and things aren

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      I know..I suppose I have a hard time giving them the title because I associated with honor and a certain “righteoussness” big-time quotation marks there…it’s a loose term-the word warrior. It is sadly from some personal experience; some close family freinds; close enough to be called family were harassed and terrorized by them years ago in Cleveland. Yes, I am sure that their part in it was associating with them in the first place. But to terrorize their family, wives and children..well that’s predatory. Just hard for me to see them as honorable men. But…paradoxes always involved in these things..they do HAVE a sense of honor don’t they? No, really…what THEY perceive as honor within their world model.

      LOL At any rate NJ, I have to concur with the rest. I have 3 different versions of a “combat pen” ie, an ordinary metallic pen with a tapered point on the end of it. Ice pick! It does not take a hardened street-fighter to asses that such a tool can do great damage when weilded properly (SDTS). I also own a Kelly Worden Travel Wrench,,there is a legal brass knuckle for ya. And in my car, in the dashboard , I have a heavy duty brass and steel padlock. With a rather large arch to put a finger through. What I like about this is it has the same reinforcement on the palm as old school “knucks”. Not big on chains..too clumsy for my taste. But I DO wear a pretty think leather belt with a heavy brass buckle on it.

      Baseball bat? Oh yes, but I sawed mine off at the handle about 9 to 10 inches. Now it’s a caveman club that says LOUISEVI on it lol

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      “One Man’s Terrorist is Another Man’s Freedom Fighter.” – Title of a traveling speaking tour I attended involving G. Gordon Liddy & an unknown Arab in 1986.

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      So true Kirk.

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      Mafia members aren’t soldiers, they’re punk bitches and criminal lowlives, social parasites and sociopaths. I hate how people like that call themselves “soldiers” More like a person who deserves his ass handed to him

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      Ya know Human Weapon…..Face Punch forum is not aplace to beat around a bush and make healf-eharted hints about stuff.

      I suggest you be more up front about your feelings about things.

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