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      Remember when gangs used to wear costumes and official jackets?

      Made them easy to spot.

      Ajax, definitely my favorite. Now he’s Dexter’s dad.

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      That movie was fantastic, albeit one that didn’t really make sense. New York was never like that, with roving gangs of gangs all dressed up in uniforms.

      However, it was a good allegory about honor and duty to your friends. :D

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      Allegory, now there’s a $5 word!

      Yeah, I love that movie. I finally saw it in 1981 on HBO when I was in 8th grade. Needless to say we dressed as the Warriors for Halloween that year and not a pumpkin was safe.

      My kids are never going out on their own for Halloween.

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      Wow Damian, in the 8th grade in 1981! It’s no wonder I have to do Combat Physical Training, good ole Module 7 just to keep up with you young men. :D

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      I’m old enough to know NOT to comment on age. I’ll just say Thank you. :cool:

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      Best Kurosawa tribute every…

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      @NJScribe said: Best Kurosawa tribute ever

      I never thought of that, great pull.

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      “good, I’m sick of running from these wimps”

      I love Ajax.

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      As I am an old man, I remember watching it as a kid; and just showed this month on satellite…
      I really enjoyed watching it again…and James Remar has really come a long way…he was recently on Jerico..

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