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There is no such thing as a death touch…

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      There is no secret way to “kill with a single touch”. The human body is frail, but not that frail. Think about it, with all the contact sports out there, don’t you think we would see a lot more people getting hit accidentaly?

      Maybe there’s a government cover up? Not really, the research was covered by the WWII crew ad nauseum. They came to simple conclusions, people die from blunt force trauma, asphyxiation and loss of blood. Oh and old age and illness.

      OK, I know, it has to do with Ki, Karma and the planets right? Wrong. However, the death touch notion is born of actual reality. If you do hit some one hard enough in a specific spot you can cause them to expire. Watching someone drop like a sack of potatoes from and edge of hand to the side of the neck or a shoulder spike to the solar plexus would lead someone to believe in a “Death Touch”. Killing with one blow depends on the target’s toughness and how hard you hit them. It is NOT as romantic and simple as some experts will have you believe.

      Dim mak is not so much as a touch than it is a strike. But like all martial arts, it has been subject to centuries of exaggeration and hyperbole.

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