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      Dealing with Eco Terrorists

      Do you like eating steak and other tasty animals? Do you drive an SUV or truck you bought with your hard earned money? Is your idea of a good time hunting and fishing? Do you believe animals should be used in research to find life saving drugs? Well if you answered yes to any of the above questions you

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      Sorry, but this just sounds like fear mongering and propaganda.

      Sort of like me saying, there is this guy that commits crimes and if you ever meet him, he’s gonona get you, get ready to take him out or else.
      Yeah it could possibly happen but my claiming that I’m raising awareness by telling you about him is just laughable.

      This forum needs a serious shot of posts involving critical thinking which it’s been known for in the past and needs to rid itself of all the propoganda and stupid posts it has been littered with lately.

      Sorry NJScribe, your posts are usually better than this.

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      Well, Machine. Being a cop in the Pacific Northwest, I must say NJScribe has hit it pretty much on the head. What he talks about HAS happened here on numerous occasions. ALF & ELF are very big & active here. The University of Washington, Central Washington U, developments, and individuals all have been targets of arson, burglary, & assault. So, I don’t understand how you think it mongering and propaganda – the victims would say otherwise. The threats may be regional, but thay are real. I’m sure a simple web search will show ALF/ELF activities are national, so they may be coming to a place near you soon. Whoever thought Islamic terrorists would make it into the US – I was dealing with them overseas in the 80s & 90s. People laughed when it was suggested they would come to the US back than – no one is laughing now. Part of good self defense is expecting the unexpected. You can be a sheep ignoring what goes on around you until its too late, or you can be the sheep dog always alert to the threats around you & ready to act when they come at you. You decide. I choose to be alert – I’ve already buried too many who chose the other. Keep up the great posts, NJScribe.

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      Kirk, thanks for the reply.

      As I stated my gripe with this sort of post is (as in the example I gave) that it is too vague to really be useful and wreaks of propaganda, sort of like me wrtiting, they’re are waiting to get us and if we aren’t smart enough to act they will!
      The problem with statements like this is that they don’t in fact spread awareness, (as your post did) but merely appeal to fear which I think in and of itself won’t help us.

      The statement above does have some truth to it, yes, somewhere criminals are looking for victims, but a broad generalization like that does nothing to help anyone.

      That has nothing to do with being a sheep, it has everything to do with being aware.

      Aware of what we are taking part in and whether it is truly a benefit to us or not.

      I hope you understand my line of reasoning.

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      I do. We can generalize yourselves to death; specifics are better. Otherwise, it would be like “Peter & the Wolf” and eventually people would stop listening (reading).

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      I have to go with T.M. on this one here. Sure, PETA members and other neuro-radicals have been known to get into violent-femme mode. But day in day out; I am not really checking “my 6”-ie watching my back for these people. Yes they go wacko, but I doubt I’ll have a run in with any of them. Sure, never say never. But unlikely.

      Nowadays? Well nowadays-very very sad to say- I am focused on the average citizen who is just having a “bad day” due to the way things are these days. The guy who got laid off or can’t get a job with a salary he is accustomed to. Usually someone who was always a bit unstable to begin with. I strive hard to be compassionate, but…be their punching bag because they think I took their parking space? Wrong answer.

      My point being radical groups don’t worry me, “average” people…angry and frightened people usually NOT trained at all just

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      Thanks Kirk,

      I had people like you in mind when I wrote the piece. I wanted to give people a few facts to work with and if I had specifics I would give them, but these people operate as a leaderless movement in cells.

      Who is going to encounter them?

      The campus security guard on their rounds. A guy leaving the lumber yard after working late or some contractor on a job site. All of these people might just brush off environmentalists and think the worst they will encounter is some sign waving protesters. Now maybe they’ll do a lit more research and local law enforcement might realize that have some potential targets in their town.

      Yes the average citizen can just have a bad day and become violent, and that is why we teach a skill set that works on the battlefield no matter where it might be.

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      And NJ…THAT I agree with :)

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      Far as I know Elf attacks corprate interest and not everyday citizens. Cept maybe with paint or some such. I have never heard of a eco-terrorist hurting or killing anyone…or have they?

      Personally there on my radar but in my neck of the woods I am alot more concerned about Umar there looking shifty then some tree hugger hippie. But these things can be regional. But one has to be ready for a threat from ANYONE…ANYWHERE….ANYTIME and that includes ones home. :x

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      Yeah One, and these days with economy, the politcal climate ( for the first time it seems, this nation now HAS one) and the overall stress of it all…. I am most mindful of joe-citizen blowing a gasket. Whether his name is Umar or Wayne .

      Not so worried at all about the soldiers who have returned home no matter how shell-shocked they may be. My experience has been that they have a far better grasp of control then a 9-to-5er who has been laid off.

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      Crime is localized

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