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This bill is rediculus and wrong on so many levels!

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      Dallas Williams
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      Dallas Williams
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      Martin Wilson

      Well , if the muslims want a state where the government will back Shira law, Tennesee will be the place to go.

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      Dallas Williams

      Exactly what I was thinking Martin.

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      The real question is what is the agenda to intentionally importing and granting privileged status to subversive populations?

      Who benefits from the downfall of a society? And it’s not the subversive populations, since they will fall with it. They are just the catalyst. The preferential treatment of them by the government is the adjuvant.

      Think of a pyramid. Maybe, say, the one on the back of the dollar. It’s not enough to climb one or two steps up that pyramid and make an observation as to the apparent madness of various policies.

      You have to keep climbing, because there is a strategy at work. There is a science – a precision – behind this. In fact, historically, what you’re seeing has been repeated ad nauseum to bring down countries.

      Russian, Germany, South Africa, Arab Spring, Ukraine, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc….European Union…..America

      This strategy is repeated almost identically every time. It’s a play in the play book.

      It’s easy to call a situation crazy and insane, and so forth, but we must look deeper. Because it’s not crazy and insane from the objective of the strategists. It’s cold, calculated and, yes, incredibly evil.

      And, if people don’t looker deeper, and respond to what guys way above top secret call “core reality” then people will be played. Their response IS part of the calculation.

      Problem. Reaction. Solution. Don’t let your reaction be the reaction that they have anticipated.

      Look deeper.

      Much deeper.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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