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      Hello all,

      I found this interesting website the other day and wanted to share it with everyone. Ever wonder what your favorite hero uses to hold off the bad guys, ever get into some insane debate with some so called gun expert? Well this is the resource to answer all your questions. Imfdb lists all the weapons in a series, movie, video games and even Anime.

      What does Michael Weston use to take on terrorists and bikers? (https://www.imfdb. org/index. php/Burn_ Notice).

      Big Trouble in Little China one of my sci-fi fantasy favorites is there along with many others (https://www.imfdb. org/index. php/Big_Trouble_ in_Little_ China). Learn what Jack Burton used to take on monsters and fanatics. This one is a personal favorite of Mr. Ross btw.

      There is an overall sci-fi section (https://www.imfdb. org/index. php?title= Category: Science-Fiction) Which includes great weapons like the Freedom Arms Model 83 Revolver from Alien Nation. Hey you ever try to kill a drug crazied alien monster with a .38 I don’t think so, and I’m not going through that again. Not sure what to acquire in order to survive the Apocalypse? Well, Will Smith did all the hard work in I Am Legend, so put on the coffee, and keep trying that radio. Giant Ants a problem, well the military figured this all out in 1954, so rent the classic training film Them! and start practicing with that flame thrower and Thompson 1928, and remember they don’t like coming out in the day time.

      All this knowledge is at your disposal and the 2nd Amendment is still in the top ten. So, don’t let democracy or for that matter The Self Defense Company fall into the hands of mutants, aliens, vampires, and communists! And remember only you can prevent invasions.

      https://www.imfdb. org/index. php/Main_ Page

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      I can’t open the link about michael Watson.

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      There were a few spaces in the link:

      Probably my favorite show right now.

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      Agreed Rob Burn Notice is top of the DVR list. I’m a sucker for Bruce Campbell.

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