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Toughening the hands for striking.

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      How would you recommend to gradually toughen up the striking surfaces of the hands, namely the palm and edge that are preferred in the SDTS? Is there a particular type of material that is suitable to bring callous, such as a concrete block?

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      Have you seen module one?It shows you how you to do all that.

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      Thanks, Louis! I appreciate that. I just ordered the Module and will likely receive it soon. Have a great week!

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      Would you recommend I start throwing tires to increase my arm strength and power. Can throwing tires help me out. I’ve never heard of anyone doing it but was curious and couldn’t see why it wouldn’t produce effective results

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      Some mma fighters flip big truck tires in the strength trainging. But push ups work good too ,if you don’t have weights

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      While you have the tire…hit it with a lump hammer in 100 repetition sets. Then if you have a sledge hammer start with 50 repetition sets. Its a great way to develop explosiveness.

      The truck tire stuff goes back to old time boxing training. Its good to see these fighters doing it.

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      is the edge of my hand supposed to be hardened, or just conditioned to deliver damage, I’ve conditioned it extensively on bob, and a 12x6x3 piece of oak I have, i’ve noticed a difference in tolerance but hasn’t necessarily become hardened.

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