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      While watching Damian’s YouTube channel I just fell out laughing. Just a few questions.

      Will Big Red be produced?

      Did he like the fact that you beat the hell out of him with a training sword then ran him over with your truck?

      Finally, Did he survive you testing Damian or did you put him in the hospital?


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      Eventually….there are a few things on the plate first.

      Get Insider humming along.
      Relaunch the new Instructor Program.

      THEN Ugly Red.

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      Nice! According to the vid the retail may be a little high but well worth the price. Hell I could never hit my training partner with my truck, I have tried. Lol. Yep redneck fun with Ugly Red… New video and testing idea. Cool

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      That would be great, I was looking at getting a BOB, then saw Ugly Red,I need one of those, been hunting the net to try and get one shipped to the UK anybody know where to get one from ?

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      Update question, will the ugly red dummy be produced soon (as this thread is from 2013 and its the end of 2017?) If so I’m just going to wait for a ugly red dummy, if not soon, I’ll get a bob dummy

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