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    I’m starting at the SDTS and getting to know a little better the theory of this system, which is quite peculiar. I am fully convinced about the broader theory that supports the SDTS – that justifies a smaller repertoire of techniques and simpler techniques, capable of being used with gross motor skills. So for months, it started to make perfect sense. Ok until here!

    But, for example, when I saw the unit 9 was a little confused. It was said that even if the opponent blocks my strokes, I “just keep hitting”, and that “no matter”.

    With all due respect, this does not seem right. Assuming that I’m dealing with an opponent with minimal fighting ability and he easily block my edge of hand blows. So I must continue striking indefinitely while it continues blocking indefinitely?! As well as any guidance to change angle or attack another part of the body?! Eventually i could break his defense, but this “eventually” could take long to happen or not happen at all! And in the urban violence, i cant waste time.

    See, I’m really willing to keep an open mind and not think of “martial arts” category, but I can not make sense of what was said.

    Could someone explain me better? I can change mi mind, if makes sense!


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    If they keep blocking your edge of hand, you could always switch it up by including kicks and knee strikes low (kick the knee or shin, knee to to the groin, that sort of thing) in addition to your high edge of hand strikes. Also, even if they “block” your edge of hand, you are still hurting them (especially if you have properly conditioned your hands for striking). It may be enough to convince them to run instead of fighting you.

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    Guys remember – once you’re moving forward and engaged, you’re not going to want to stop moving forward.

    If they cover up …which they will, continue to attack like Henry suggests and if you have the presence of mind…grab a wrist, move it out of the way and hit them with the other hand.

    They idea of them blocking and “counter attacking” isn’t going to happen if you continue your assault and take ground. The only place that works is in the dojo when you throw one technique at a time and allow them to counter.

    In a real assault, they’re going to cover and the fight should be over shortly.

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    Exactly. Your job is to tear through your target. Just keep hitting over and over, clear his arms if he covers up and continue hitting. Always remember impact with attitude.

    On a side note when training these techniques always train to hit hard. Develop knockout power.

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     Daniel Cothron 

    When we are using this system we also must take in account that we are using it in Self Defense situations. So when your jump into your edge of hand strikes and your ATTACKER starts blocking, its a good sign the ATTACKER regrets his decision. What I am saying is you have now put the ATTACKER in the defense and even if you never make contact with his target areas you just proved to him your not an easy target.
    People that commit acts of violent crimes pick easy targets. They also don’t want to be hurt, identified, or caught! The moment the criminal feels like any one of those three things are going to happen, they start to become fearful and want out of the mess they are in. They quickly realized your a harder target than they imagined.
    Good question

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     neil braniff 

    If you keep striking their arms you have the median,ulnar and radial nerve. Also if you hit the bicep(which is extremely painful) any of these being struck, will leave their arms dead.Then the fight will be over with follow up strikes.The more vicious your attack, the more chance of getting it over with(in my opinion)
    I am new to the SDTS,but I think the psychology is the fact that an opponent has picked you because he presumed he can win.The surprise,speed and aggression of your actions will get it over and done with very quickly!

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