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using a BOB for edge of hand strike – training

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      any recommendations in regards to using a bob for training, especially strikes with edge of hand? I have been striking with hand wraps, but they unravel after several minutes. does anyone have any experience in how a bob will stand up to heavy hitting with edge of hand? thanks for any thoughts you have in this regard. :?:

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      In the Self Defense Training System (SDTS) we use a BOB dummy and outfit him in a shirt and even some boots.

      Second, I have to ask you, do you wear handwraps in your daily life?

      If you do, then by all means ontinue to train with them, but if you don’t you better ditch the hand wraps and start going bare handed.

      In the SDTS we focus on the ege of hand and heel of hand. They are naturally tough and are easliy conditioned. In module one and module 6 we show you how to build your hands up easily, safely and without injury.

      When you’re training it makes sense to make it as real as possible. Realistic targets and bare hands is a good step in that direction.

      A word of caution…make sure to take it easy when you start w/out hand protection. On average it takes a few weeks for your hands to start toughening them up. After you train, put them under warm running tap water to bring the circulation back to your hands.


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