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      The following program is designed for explosiveness and quick recovery. It is based on Pavel Tsatsouline of Dragondoor and kettlebell fame. The book is Power to the People. It is an excellent workout.

      It consists of only a handful of exercises that require you lift as much weight as you can in good form for 5 reps. You can do only 3 sets or continue to until infinity as long as you do 5 good reps.

      Simple and effective.

      All of the exercises are done with the long, straight bar.

      Reverse Grip Dead Lift
      One Arm Military Press (like the strongmen).
      Curls (Extra)
      Bench (Extra)

      The only thing I suggest is that you warm up with a jump rope for on a tread mill for 5 to 10 minutes and add one warm up set to each before you go balls to the wall.

      You an start your first set at 50% of max then go as heavy as you can for 5 good reps. If you need to go longer and lighter, fine, as long as its 5 reps.


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