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      I want to thank you for sliding past all the bullshit, pajama wearing, death touching, steroid induced, ufc wannabe, fancy kicking and if I have a video camera and access to my mom’s basement self defense experts and making it here…the home of the ass kicker.

      I know, it sounds a little over the top but when it comes to saving your ass when it’s all or nothing, there’s no time to be subtle. So if you want poetry, this ain’t the place for you.

      So welcome fellow skull cracker to the only place on earth that supports your right to protect yourself and your loved ones from the growing number of criminals, bullies, blowhards and enemies who deserve the beatings we give them.


      FACE PUNCH is dedicated to two types of people: Self Defense Training System Members and those who want to be Self Defense Training System Members.

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      It is about time sir;

      specific defenses, by the numbers response, Kung Fu nations, escape before fighting, meditation, peace and good will; all well and good

      But tell it all to the SKEL

      immediate, brutal, effective attacks.

      Attack, attack and keep taking ground until ya can finidsh the skel of period, than you can ESCAPE at your leisure.

      following yours and Carl works I am doing a series on grabs,holds and chokes on my site.

      Students might find these useful, especially for those that are on #4 or higher.

      Talk about espounding the virtues of realistic training, I think you’ll find thtem interesting.

      Last four post – will be more on strangulation and encumberance as soon as the weather breaks out here on the left coast


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      Great job on the redesign of your web site and this forum!

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      Thanks, it lacked the ability to communicate our position in the social construct. I mean, it didn’t have any balls.

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      It’s a little out there, but ok, yeah, I like it!

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      The only thing that I would change now would be to darken the new posts icon a bit.

      Maybe its just me, but the shade of gray you’re using is a little too light and hard to see when contrasted with the “already read” icon.

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      I can’t, the forum is what it is. Like my mamma used to say “you get what you get and you don’t get upset.”

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      Just click View posts since last visit on the right.

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      Or you can do that.

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      My name is Gary. I have a 3rd degree black sash in Wing Chun and have studied Filipino martial arts for several years now. I like Wing Chun and the Filipino styles but also believe in basic good self defense. I have Carl Cestari”s old school DVDs which I like very much. Unfortunately I also wasted a lot of money with a certain “Captain” out there. When this course came up I ordered the whole set. I am impressed. It’s a violent world out there and a man my age (54) needs something more reliable and quick to learn. Thanks Damian. You will be hearing more from me.

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      Welcome home…and Thanks.

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      Excellent opening words Damian, very original, funny and true.

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      What’s up Fella’s? I hope this is where new members introduce themselves. My Name is Pedro, Born and Raised in N.Y., I’ve lived in Florida for the past 13-14 years. I’ve been a Bartender for the Last 10 years. Currently changing professions, to Strength Coach. I’m an Underground Certified Strength Coach & Crossfit Kettlebell Instructor.

      I’ve done various Martial Arts since I was 9 yrs old (currently 38 yrs old), While I did enjoy them, I always felt there was something wrong with them. Something was missing. S.C.A.R.S. was a wake up call for me, but I wasn’t completely happy with them either. Krav Maga was bringing me closer. I bought Jim Grovers Tapes, and I felt I was getting even closer.

      Then years ago, I found Gutterfighting.org, where I got to communicate with some really cool people, one of which was Carl Cestari. Carl was preaching what I’ve always been looking for. I haven’ t don’e any combatives in years. Recently I decided I needed too, with the economy being what it is, and people being so desperate that crime is at an all time high.

      It broke my Heart to learn that Carl passed away, he was a great man! But, I remembered he trained with a guy named Damian, thank god I found Damian and he is still fighting the Good fight. I think Carl would have been proud of you with what you are doing with Combatives. I just ordered Module one and I’m so Pumped to get started!! I hope to learn and share what I can with all on this forum. Thanks for the Welcome and man am I excited to start Real no B.S. Combatives again.

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      Welcome Pedro,

      Dude, it is good to have you on board and just wait until you get into it. This is all of the stuff, plus ll of the training behind it that we have been working on since 1998!!

      It’s always great to see guys keeping the faith. Even though Carl only passed less than 3 years ago, the people who remember are starting to dwindle.

      Thank you for starting the SDTS, I am looking forward to your contributions.

      Hey, if you’re on Facebook, check out https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/martia … 8757762457

      Between the two it keeps everybody in touch with one another. The forum is great for training while the facebook thing is good for trading media like pics and videos.

      We also have the blog here: https://martial-arts-self-defense.blogspot.com/

      And a whole bunch of free shit here: https://www.myselfdefenseresource.com/

      Thanks again,

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      Hi Damian,

      Thanks for the Warm welcome. I’ve had an eye on your site, but had my hands tied do to the declining economy. Things are slowly turning and getting better for me, so I figured I sat on my hands long enough.

      I’ve seen a lot of Fighting Systems, and even more Bar & Street Fights (not me), and I don’t see anything coming close to this style of Hand to Hand Combat. I have a lot of respect for MMA guys, and they are Conditioned and tough, but it’s still just a sport.

      I’ve watched the Module Demos and I can’t wait to check out the “Body Conditioning” Module. I love toughening up! I now live in Orlando,and I have a Two car Garage that I am going to turn into Underground Strength & Conditioning Gym/Hand-2-Hand Gym. Thank god over the Years I didn’t get rid of my Spar-pro, I see I can’t get them anymore. I became a fan on Facebook, Thanks for everything, and looking forward to getting back into the Fight of things.

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      You’re going to go crazy with the SDTS. It has everything you need to create your own little dungeon. The training dummy is the hardest and most expensive piece of equipment. The rest you either already have or you can pick up at the hardware store.

      Module 6 is one of my personal favorites. The people willing to do that demonstrate a certain mindset that is needed to complete certain types of tasks. Ironically, the first time my wife saw me 17 years ago, I was hitting a makiwara, so I’ve got some good mojo around body conditioning.

      What you will dig most are the drills. Hell, start putting your personal training students through it and you just doubled your biz.

      As far as the economy, I see it starting to open up as well. It’s like everyone is starting to say, “Enough of this crap, let’s get to it.” The world will survive no matter who is in office.


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      Hi Damian,

      Yea, man I’m amped I can’t wait! I haven’t started my Strength Coach business yet, I’m going to Start it in a few short months. I’m putting the finishing touches on my Templates ect. I’m even considering a little bit down the road becoming Certified in Hand to hand, there is no one in Orlando doing anything remotely Realistic in Self-Defense. I’ve looked, the nearest is one of your guys, in the Tampa area which is over 2 hours away.

      Orlando is booming and I think it would be a good mixture Hard Core no B.S. Strength & Conditioning and No B.S. Hand to Hand Combat training. I’d produce straight up Nightmares!

      I have one friend for sure I want to train with (ex-hockey Player) I believe is tough enough, I want to start a small “Fight Club” group that’s not afraid to Train Hard. I want to make my training as realistic as possible, witch will lead to some Bruises and scraps and serious discomfort. Your a Spartan or you not lol. I even want to get the Air-soft (I think that’s what it’s called?) Guns, so if I disarm wrong, I’ll be the 1st to know. It’s easy to get Delusion of grandeur when you practice with a Rubber Gun.

      I even want to progress to full out sparing with body Armor if that’s what’s needed. I’m excited about building Training equipment, I’m about to build my own Strength & Conditioning equipment myself, I love do it yourself stuff, you can build it just the way you want it! Rocky IV type shit lol.

      I’m looking forward to Module 6, it’s going to be brutal and unpleasant, but when I get into something I really get into it lol. thanks again Damian!!

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      Hi, my name is Darren Poesel and I am an instructor with the SDC out of Tampa. I’ve had several people from Orlando contact me regarding the SDTS…perhaps there may be the opportunity to start a small training group in your area. Anyway, I’m live about an hour to an hour and half from Orlando (depending on where you live) and would welcome the opportunity to meet up with you and answer any questions you may have about the SDTS. Feel free to drop me an email anytime, I would like to hear from ya.


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      Pedro says, ” you’re either a spartan or you’re not”. Well in your case Pedro, I think it should be, “you’re either an Aztec warrior or you’re not”

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      Hi Darren,

      Thanks for the reply. Yea, I’ve seen your site, I definitely wanted to stop in some time, that would be awesome! I hope I can start a group that would be real cool. I just cleaned out my garage, I hope to build the Conditioning tools when I get the Program in mail! Thanks again Darren and hope to meet you in person!

      Human Weapon: lol, Aztec’s are Mexican I’m Puerto Rican well N.Y. Rican. Plus I think I exceed their Height requirements lol, plus I don’t Speak a lick of Spanish, there’s that to consider too lol. Definitely a Spartan Fan, They Keep it Simple and they are Hard Core, Plus they Kick rude people into Pit’s of Death, that’s pretty Badass in my book lol. Thanks guys!

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      Oh Damn! NY Puerto Rican vs. Island Puerto Rican? I take it the cultures different too then, aren’t NY Ricans cholos! Okay, how about Taino warrior then!

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      I see a Pattern developing here lol, Your just not going to get on board with the Spartan thing huh lol? O.k. I’ll give you time on that one? I’m technically a Long Island Rican, but Cholo’s? or Taino?? I dunno what that is lol. Hey how come you are Level 5 and I’m Level 1 what’s that?? I’m curious? I see different levels for Different Members, what dictates that btw??? Thanks again fella’s.

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      IDK Pedrito lol. Taino is Puerto Ricos indigenous tribe, well they used to be at least! Don’t let your family know a white boy had to tell you that lol

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      How do you like the system so far?

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      Human Weapon, you know way to much about Puerto Rico for a White boy lol. Sadly if I told my parents I don’t think it would surprise them lol.

      I don’t know I haven’t received the System yet. But I’m sure I’ll love it. I’ve been a fan of WWII H2H, Cestari, Colonel Rex Applegate, Fairbarin ect. From the preview video’s I’ve seen, it looks like it’s going to be an awesome program! I’ll let you know what I think when I get it! ttyl.

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      O.k. Woke up this morning decided to check the mail, I guess it came yesterday after I went to work. I’m so amped lol. I have to work today, so I don’t have time to thoroughly go through it.

      I watched some of the DVD’s, glanced through the Manual. So far the product exceeds my expatiations. Awesome Job Damian, I’m very excited to get started!! Love the Conditioning Brick, & Dolly for the Spar-pro! Thanks again!

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      yes. the SDTS will be the best damn thing you’ve ever put money into. Im 5’11 and am never intimidated by anyone whatsoever. It’s cool. Are you around 5’6!

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      I’ve long been a fan of the Chin-Jab, Axe Hand/Knife Hand (long and short), and WWII Style of Self-Defense or Self-Offense (to be accurate). I just haven’t done any Hand to hand combat training in Years. I was looking for someone who put it into a Frame Work.

      I think Damian did an awesome Job, the best I’ve seen yet. I’m very excited to begin, Hopefully this week. I’m 5’10 1/2″

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      Is your middle name Alvez?

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      Nope Antonio!

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      oh i was way off!

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      Pedro Antonio Morales? So that means your nickname now is Pam lol.

      Hola Pam! Como Estas

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      Wow, really???? lol. I know your parents didn’t name you Human weapon, though that would be badass lol.

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      so pedrito! DO you have cestaris bare knuckle boxing series? Thats all the boxing instruction you’ll ever need! Not this modern politically correct watered down version of boxing which is pampered patty cake lady boy faggot shit! Modern boxers tend to think they’re “gangsta” it’s really sad!

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      Hola Hermano. I started with Kelly McCann’s stuff which I think is good and Carl Cestari’s old school DVDs. The old school boxing is all you need with boxing. I ordered the whole set from the SDTS. Believe me it is a wise investment. I am also a black sash in Wing Chun and a practioner in the Filipino styles. But I spend more time on practical self defense and combatives. Have fun, train hard, and kick ass.

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      “Hola Hermano” you talking to me or pedrito! Dude. I’m really a Gringo (like Damian!) But yes. Cestaris BKB series is all you need for fist combat. F$%k the rest!

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      I haven’t gotten any of Carl’s DVD’s yet, but it’s definitely on my to do list. I’ve seen clips on it on youtube. I recommend anything From Car Cestari, and dying to check it out.

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      carl Cestari was the man. Of all the combative DVDs I have and I have many I am the most impressed with his. That is why I went with the SDTC. They are a lot closer to what he taught than a certain Captain out there, whom I am sorry to admit I wasted a little time and money on his stuff.

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      I wasted a little money with the Captain as well, and also with alot of other systems. I am speaking $1000’s over a 20+ year span.

      I bought the whole set from Damian and have Cestari’s videos, and that is all I need. So if anybody is thinking of spending money on another system, this is really a last stop shopping place.

      There maybe a few scenarios that are covered on some other material I have that is not specifically covered with the SDTS. I can reference that material, but if you really think about it, the SDTS can handle those situations as well.

      I love taking a new student and showing them a wristy twisty knife disarm and they think that’s cool. Then show the flaws in that approach and show them an SDTS move and the lights come on. Nobody argues when they have a useless knife hand and I have a handfull of larynx.

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      “a handfull of larynx” I like that. Is that like A Fistful of Dollars??

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      LOL @ Rob. Yes Rob. A handful of larynx can be like a handful of dollars. You can squeezem both the same and they go crunch!

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      I had my eye on SDTS, and I’m so happy that I finally made my move! By far the best System I’ve bought. I bought Jim Grover’s system, and I’m fan of his stuff, but this is way better.

      I also want to buy Carl’s DVD’s, when I get a chance, especially the Bare knuckle stuff! I agree this type of self-defense, or Self-offense, as I like to think of it, really is a fix all system. I’m a huge Fan with what Damian has done with Carl’s stuff, and mixed his other experiences with it. I’m even considering becoming an instructor down the line!

      Thanks guys,

      BTW: Captain??


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      “BTW: Captain?”

      A Damian wannabe. You got the best stuff here. If you go looking, you’ll find him, but don’t waste your time. Do you wanna learn from Tonto or the Lone Ranger. I pick the Lone Ranger. Besides, the spanish word “Tonto” means “Stupid Man” in english. Ha!

      I have DVDs from both guys (all of Damian’s and too many of the other) and believe me, the quality of the production of the SDTS FAR outweighs the other guys stuff. The video is excellent. The system is complete and you aren’t nickeled and dimed to learn more. Talk about a cheesy site …

      You can poke around this forum and find out more, if you like. I’d just ignore it.

      Hope that helps,

      P.S. I hear “Quimosabe” is ‘Horses A$$” in Apache, just kidding … (old Mad Magazine cartoon). Had to say it.

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      Thank’s Steve,

      I’m not interested in The “Captain” I was just wondering who he was. I think i know now, i didn’t buy his stuff, he marketed to much like S.C.A.R.S., it was a turnoff. I’m happy here and staying, Damian put together the Best program I’ve seen to date. However down the line I want to pick up some of Cestari’s Material. Thanks again.


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