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What about blocking first?

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      More about if you don’t hit first, some blocks.
      Perry Sullivan


      Blocks don’t work. I know, I know, I know – how can 1,000,000 black belts be wrong right? Well they are and they know it.

      In the real world if someone swings first and tries to punch you in the face chances are you’re either getting hit or you manage to move your head out of the way a little bit. You may be able to avoid the first punch, but the second and the third punches are going to find there mark.

      But lets take “karate” out of it – check out this demonstration…

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      James Goolsby

      Ha! I gotta start using that one… make some extra cash on the side. Laugh

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      Right. The funny thing is, later in the episode they bring in a 9 year old girl to replace the guy in the black hat and had the same result.

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      James Goolsby

      Well, like they say…

      ”The hand is quicker than th… crap! There goes my $10″ Laugh

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      Dallas Williams
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      Dallas Williams

      “Ooh gotta be quicker than that!” Action is always faster than reaction Smile

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      Lol that’s classic. Ima have to use that at the club next week when I’m djing!
      And then prolly have to use SDTS when I piss off the wrong person. Haha.

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