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What is the best protein powder to take?

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      What is the best protein powder to take? Or do you use something else for your protein source?
      Gary Markham


      For protein power go with Whey Isolated Protein made in the USA.

      The fact is most supplements are made in the same places. Meaning there are only a handful of manufactures in the US and they all private label for the same products.

      The only other item I take is Athletic Greens (https://athletesuperfood.com). This will get everything functioning correctly in your system.

      I also take their Vitamin D boost (when I’m not in the sun a lot).

      That’s it.

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      I am wondering What is the best protein powder?

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      Whey protein.

      BUT: Damn near all of them have artificial – read, poisonous chemical weapons – ingredients in them, such as sucralose (Splenda), aspartame (thanks, Donald Rumsfeld), and on and on.

      You want a whey protein that’s got natural ingredients, preferably cold processed, derived from grass fed, non steroid freak cows, etc.

      If you don’t know what an ingredient is, then look it up. Then ask yourself why these companies aren’t being prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

      The supplement and bodybuilding industry is no better. You’d think that a demographic of ostensible health freaks would run these criminal corporate supplement pushers out of business by not buying their weapons of mass infertilization, cancer, dementia, alzheimers, autism, and so forth.

      I’m not sure what’s available in what stores in your area. I use a natural whey protein, with some added digestive enzymes.

      Whatever you are considering buying, read the ingredients. Know what each of them are.

      The only way to beat the system is to not participate. Defund the criminals. Buy quality stuff.

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      wik van

      People these days consume WAYY(pun on whey) too much protein. Have you ever done proper research?
      Too much protein can cause cancer as well as very acidic. Keep your protein no more than 56 grams of protein for an adult. More protein than this will only result in extra fat!
      Please people, quit it with pseudoscience. You are just making marketers rich by buying their protein shakes and to add to that, there are toxins and plastics inserted in these shakes to “bulk” people up; and kill them within years. My very own high school friend fell for adds like these; diet pills are no different. The Whey protein dispensed are highly processed( looking puffier as a result of these protein shakes is really not extra muscle, it CAN actually indicate liver problems).

      Stay with lean meat – no more than a small palm full of protein and the rest carbohydrates and vegetables. Without carbs, you will not be able to feed your body for the workout, they are ESSENTIAL as well as grains for optimal health.

      Qualifications: Nutrition student(Bsc.)

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