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      OK, I was watching MANSWERS last night and I normally go past it because the announcers voice is annoying, but when they have a martial arts segment on I have to rubberneck.

      To set a precedent, they concluded that Dim Mak was real because they had a guy in a black gi say it was. Of course he couldn’t show the technique.

      Last night they had “What is the deadliest move in all martial arts?” They came up with YIN. A Chinese word used to describe the act of reaching into a man’s chest and pulling his heart out.

      The funniest part was the guy they had demonstrating the technique looked like an extra from “Big Trouble in Little China” (One of my favorites). He showed the technique by sticking a prepared mannequin (the chest was already cut).

      Of course the show came to the conclusion it was true.

      What we need is a martial arts myth busters.

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      Ya know Damian, I was just recently thinking the very same thing. Why not a martial arts version of MythBusters? I mean, if any subject f’n NEEDS a myth-busting. Jeeezuz, the worst example is Dillman-sudent-guy can’t blow back a local reporter like he can his students cause “your toes are positioned in a way where I can’t do it”.

      They could also pay a visit to that Spetznaz stuff. No disrespect to the ACTUAL Spetznaz guys who are very admirable,but guys who teach this stuff say they can take you off balance by making you follow their movement, “hypnotizing you” and then making you fall over.

      of course, I’d like them to also go talk to the guys who say that if you strike a target right “he’ll always react and double over this way.” Ala autonomic/kinematic reactions.

      Yin?? I thought Yin was the feminine, “dark” side of the energy of life, the yeilding side, that goes inward and such. It is something else now?

      Or maybe it’s “You Iditotic Numbskull” for believing in that sensei can really do this.

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      Autokinematic reactions, predictable ways the body moves so you can practice sequence of moves that will always work the same against any opponent, bla, bla, bla, … Talking about SCARS?, is that sh?t still on the market???, come on! got to be kidding me!. That Peterson dwarf must be a millionare already selling his cra9p.
      I remember back in the early 90’s when I saw his tapes I was really pissed off about having payed for them. The only useful thing about the whole package was a piece of blue fine cardboard where he talked about the “offensive mindset”(Registered TradeMark protected by the FBI, CIA, and KGB among other secret agencies owned by Jerry Peterson), but besides from that, the tapes and manual sucked big time.

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      SCARS: Why yes he IS a millionaire.

      Speznatz, more to the point SYSTEMA, looks a lot like a poor man’s version of Aikido. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7_dzu4T … xt_from=PL

      The body conditioning is on the money, but other than that…smells a little Dillmanesque. I’m am sure none of this stuff is in the field.

      The typical take is to turn something natural and make it WAY more complicated than it is. Welcome to the martial arts. What should take several minutes to explain is developed into a SYSTEM.

      I once was at a ROSS (no relation) seminar where the point was the more joints (read body parts) you incorporate into as movement, the more power you have. Pavel explained this extremely well in one paragraph his Power to the People. I did not need to spend 2 hours moving and contorting to figure this out. All you need to do is move something heavy.

      I will say Scott Sonnon and company were very nice and hospitable, but I could have saved a lot of time by not going.

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      SCARS? weeeelll…..you guys said it not me lol actually I was refering more to Tim Larkin’s Target Focused Training but yeah same thing. And Robin when you asked that question I googled SCARS+ Jerry Peterson and yes; his site is still up and SCARS is still going on. Maybe not as strong as it once did in the late 80s and 90s. Oh hey guys, now if you pay Jerry a certain amount of your life savings-you can be a SCARS Knight! How about that.

      Yes, and let me tell you howq it works. See, to be a SCARSKnight also requires a personality test: You have to be type A…a “real man” and once you are accepted as such, you as a SCARS Knight will now be required to drop whatever it is you are doing to go with Jerry and skydive, rockclimb, catch lightening bolts etc. And there are levels of “knighthood” which are creepily similar to Masonory degrees. Yup, not only will you be able to destroy all enemies foreign and domestic with your barehands…you will be a certified ubermenschen with the earned-right to scoff, laugh and ridicule us lowly mortal men.

      Now HOW can an intelligent man pass that up??

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      sounds cool! I’m in. Where do I sign?

      And about Systema, it’s almost the same as Dillman’s stuff, difference is that strikes are a bit harder, and with edged surface (knucle, point of shoe, point of elbow), and yes, some hurt indeed!. Problem is it is too technical based and takes time to master.

      Will it work so that I can use it instinctively in vital combat against an opponent who is determined to prevent me from doing so, and who is striving to eliminate me by fair means or foul?,…

      I don’t think so.

      Combatives strives to simplicity, so just “learn to hit F***ing hard!”, start by hitting your Bob with the chinjab 1000 times daily with all you’ve got!, If you get tired, try your left hand :wink:” title=”Wink” />

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      First, I am sure the SCARS personality test includes a valid credit card. It never stops amazing me what people are willing to pay just to have a certificate.

      The other is (FILL IN THE BLANK) Martial Arts Hall of Fame. At least once a month I get inducted into one or another. I would like to think that it is because I am SOOO incredibly gifted and they have been tracking my progress ever since I put on a white belt…but no, I know it’s because of my name in the phone directory. Every hall of fame dinner, banquet and plaque costs several hundred dollars when it is all said and done.

      BTW Robin, you hit the nail on the head…hit something, a lot. If you’re not striking anything, you’re not developing power and power is king. Some people get the SDTS and stop because they realize they have to hit something. Do they really think that by sitting and watching a video they will magically kick some butt. Granted, you don’t have to train as much as you think you do (Because all martial artists LIE :shock: ) but you do have to do something.

      This is the primary reasons all these other programs exist. It follows the “take a pill and get stronger, smarter, thinner, faster” model. We know there are clear short cuts to being able to protect yourself, but you still have to practice and there is still going to be some discomfort.

      Can you watch a video and be better off, sure. You can learn what to look for and what to avoid and MAYBE something sticks, but there’s no getting around good old fashioned practice.

      when I was having trouble with a particular trow, I asked Yonezuka what I should do to make it better. He said practice 700 fit ins a day. Now, he could have been blowing me off, but it worked.

      I will always have respect for anyone who sacrifices time in the pursuit of self improvement. Marathon runners to kung fu practioners, it doesn’t matter. The will to subject yourself to that type of training and dedication goes a long way. The person who is willing to do 1000 chin jabs on the BOB, is willing to do a lot more than the person who is going to happy hour. Do the 1000 chin jabs…then go to happy hour.

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      “I guarntee that if you use my system ……..CORRECTLY…….you will never lose whether you’re confronted by larger, stronger opponents, multiple attackers, knives or firearms..” that’s Jerry’s original sales pitch in the free “report” I got.

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      Well, besides the “soul reading” and other mystical BS in Systema, the ballistic punch is just the same principle as in Jim Grover’s SWAMP Principle for any strike ([b:2mi0trob]Stay relaxed[/b:2mi0trob], Weapon first, Accelerate the weapon towards the target, Move in the direction of the strike and Plunge). Not mentioned in the SWAMP acronym, but any intelligent fighter knows he has to breath properlly when hitting (i.e. exhale when you strike).

      I remember having read once, that the cupped hand blow from Defendu was originally taken from Spetnaz Systema by William E. Fairbairn, back then they called it the Russian slap. Not sure about that one anyways.

      The sad part is what Damian mentions:
      [quote:2mi0trob]The typical take is to turn something natural and make it WAY more complicated than it is. Welcome to the martial arts. What should take several minutes to explain is developed into a SYSTEM.[/quote:2mi0trob]

      Just like Chinese “Chi power development” old invention to trap students forever in the temple working as slaves for the master priest just for food and a blanket :wink:” title=”Wink” />

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      So then Damian, it is safe to say that you approve of my shurikenjutsu and devotion to improvre upon it? Even though my knife-dart-anything-sharp-throwing as LITTLE to do with actual combat or self-defense. It’s one of the things I do for the “art’s sake”.

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      “Because all martial artists LIE “

      “Everybody lies” Dr Gregory House

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      I wrote an article on this a while back. Every martial artists you speak to works out everyday for 3 hours, goes 100% full contact and trains for years.

      Works out every day = doesn’t work out

      Goes full contact = we spar sometimes

      Trains for years = Trained once in January and twice in August. That equals 1 years. Or trained a consistently for few months in 2004 and then again in 2008. That equals 4 years.

      I have trained on NCAA division 1 level athletics. I have had Olympic hopefuls as training partners and even though there were point of time where we did train double and triple sessions which would equal 4 to 6 hours of training per day, it was only for a 6 week stretch. Practice comes in cycles, training comes in cycles.

      Training in program like the SDTS require a lot LESS practice because of the type of techniques. No matter what activity you do, after the core movements become second nature, they’re in there. It’s like throwing a ball or riding a bike. Sure, if you practice more you become more proficient, but you can easily maintain a level of skill that is satisfactory.

      I know of people who are experts in hand to hand combat, one has only had literally 18 months of training. Others only got together a HANDFUL of times over the course of several years who are now experts. All of which have average athletic ability AT BEST! I think these people are somewhat proficient and knowledgeable. Its more a testament to the material NOT them. It’s easy just that easy to do.

      Once you have spent time practicing something, you still retain some skill. The ones that are the fastest and easiest to learn are the ones that stay with you the longest. They say the last thing to go on a boxer is his punch. Old retired fighters can still hit. The SDTS and other combatives training provides the same benefit.

      How did I wind up here…oh yes- all martial artists lie. If you hear 2 or 3 of those statements…call BS

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      Yin? Why it’s opposite to Yang!

      When the two are combined they form “Yih” — the Great Monad symbol of two fish (like pisces). Yin represents negative; Yang represents positive. They represent the two opposite principle forces that must be together for life to exist. So Yin (negative) represents the moon, earth, feminine, darkness, emptiness & weakness; while Yang (positive) represents the sun, heaven, masculine, light, solidity & strength. In numerology they are the famous 6 (Yin) & 9 (Yang) — 69.

      That comes from my research of religion…

      What the f^&k that has to do with ripping a man’s heart out, I don’t know. But, I guess, it would be a very YIN thing to do.

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      Welcome to the forum, and yes- given you’re explanation I believe the outcome would be VERY NEGATIVE for the person on the receiving end.

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      But very Yang for the doer.

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      Ehaha! Yes! The gaping hole would be very Yin; the protruding arm would be the Yang.

      And thanks for the welcome. It’s good to be here.

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      Insert corny Yang Joke HERE.

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      Damian wrote:
      Insert corny Yang Joke HERE.[/quote:1mis1dh5]

      “Cow dung — it’s good to keep the Yang up!”

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      “ain’t nuttin wrong with MY Yang!”

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