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What you can Do to Stop Pirates

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      What you can Do to Stop Pirates from Taking your Ship and Your Life

      Regardless of whatever the current crisis might be on the news it is seldom the first time it has been a problem, but all too often people forget how they dealt with the problem the last time. While there will always be crime piracy should really be a thing of the past or at least something we all can deal with, but if you

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      well this one’s pretty simple. Hire a bunch of ex-commando dudes and go out on vacation in a decent sized yacht! Dressed in civilian tourist clothes and armed to the teeth with glocks, AK rifles and hand grenades. Give these motherf%$kers a tatse of their own medicine. Hell, id’ do it, whose with me! Anyone. Hmm.

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      I didn’t know they let 12 year olds handle assault weapons though. lol
      Besides aren’t you the human weapon?

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      well you have a better idea, other than your politically correct policy,. let’s fight terrorism with rules and politics!

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      My politically correct policy?

      I think it’s a good idea, just that pirates and terrorists are different and aren’t motivated by the same things.

      Definitely agree that a military operation should be launched against the pirates though.

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