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What’s the worst tape/DVD you ever bought?

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      Just out of curiosity… what is the worst martial arts training tape/DVD you ever bought?

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      the worst dvd i ever bought would have to be from the great captain cruch: aka chris pizzo, he’s douche.

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      Anglo_Saxon_Combatant wrote:
      the worst dvd i ever bought would have to be from the great captain cruch: aka chris captain crunch, he’s douche.[/quote:1yka2lhx]

      Captain Chris Crunch? :o

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      HA, Captain Crunch, yes that man is legendary for being a total douche and fraud. He came out with a couple videos years back. Wore a mask in them so people wouldn’t stomp his ass in the street for taking their money.

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      There is so much shit on the market, but the worst DVD’s I have ever seen, I can’t claim the “Capt.” or “LT X” because I could never watch them, would have to be Dillman’s. The one touch and or death touch add “CHI” or any other use of invisible force and I laugh.

      The fact that people who are smart enough to walk and breathe can buy into this crap is amazing.

      You would think that if any of that nonsense REALLY worked professional athletes would be knocking people out left and right. If you’re in the scrum on the Rugby field, wouldn’t it be nice to “touch” a guy on his forehead and have him pass out?

      But of course they have a host of excuses as to why it doesn’t work, All of them are Bullshit.


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      Ha, Dillman does ring a bell, isn’t he that chickenhawk who claimed what he knew was used in missions in afghanistan and iraq and it was sooooo dangerous that he could get in trouble for teaching it or something. He and the Capain Crunch could be good friends!

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      The style Dillman teaches is called Te (pronounced TEE). Its a pre world war II martial art from Okinawa. Now first, once we start talking martial arts, my bullshit detector goes off so I’m not talking about the validity of the style or merits of the system, but after 30 plus years in martial arts I’ve found old Asian gentlemen bullshit as much as young white westerners.

      That being said…Dillman was to have trained under Oyata and in the early 80s claimed to have been baptized by Oyata and trained extensively under him.

      The rumor around the campfire in that community was Dillmans’ experience was limited to being snowed at Oyata’s place for several days where the two did more drinking than training.

      Keep in mind, I hear this in 2002 and Dillman has made millions doing what he does so there could also be some sour grapes from the guys who don’t make the $$$.

      From what I have seen, the only karate that works is good punch, good kick and body conditioning. Other than the primary vital target areas, there is not much else to hit.

      People talk about death touch and secret techniques, while back in the day a rear naked choke was a secret and hidden technique. A shot to the solar plexus was a secret technique. A lot of the so called secret techniques, are not so secret any more. So with a little power of suggestion and a little acting it appears to work.

      A funny thing happens to people when they take any course: they want t to succeed. If not they’ve wasted time and money. The desire to believe has been exploited by evangelists and faith healers since the beginning of time.

      Martial arts is a haven for these types.

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      Bullshit Detector! Thats a good one. However more people now know the solar plexus blow than an axe hand to the side of the neck ;)

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      That’s true, it’s up to us to remind them what works.

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      that’s my secret, and the axe hand to the clavicle, I discovered it doesn’t take a whole lot of force to land a stinging blow, I did it on my brother once, slightly, and it made’em clinch

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      I love beating on family members…it’s so cathartic!

      Seriously, that vertical chop to the collar bone does an incredible amount of damage, especially in the ground and pound.

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      so is the horizontal axe hand to the throat. The throat being sensitive, it doesn’t really take the whole momentum of the body to gag someone. Hell, even with just the weight of the arm behind the axe hand to the throat can bring someone to their knees

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      As far as worst tapes, I haven’t seen many as I’m usually careful about what I buy, I have to say though that someone once showed me Chris Clugston’s tape on Combat JKD and it was pretty bad, not everything on there was terrible but some stuff was just pathetic and could get someone hurt in a fight. (The person attemting it!)

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      There in lies the problem. There are a few good ideas out there. You can grab something, but you have to sift through so much crap.

      You usually pick up something that even the instructor on the video had no idea he was doing. Most times it’s a practice drill that can be adapted to what you’re doing.

      Other than that, it’s a sea of garbage. Which holds true for ANY profession. Not every actor wins and academy award and only one team wins the world cup. That’s just the way it is.

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      Rugby is South Africa’s national sport! Here we begin playing at age 3!
      I have never seen another training dvd, cause I knew they are all shite,
      but I love to participate, so ….
      The worst dvd I ever saw was a George Carlin(Concerns and grievances) Live in new york comedy routine.
      I HATE that arrogant demon spawn. He spews forth poison on a scale
      I have never seen before. He uses power words like” bleeding in the moonlight” and says things like “those people should be strangled in front of their parents”. At the end he then deconstructs the Ten Commandments,
      into 2 commandments : 1.I will obey 2. I will try not to kill.
      What blasphemy. He hypnotizes that crowd of new yorkers, and they
      find his hatefull bile ,that flows like a river of shit out of this little swine, funny!

      WTF. :|

      I got so angry watching this show I nearly threw the pc out the window.
      I am super pissed off, cause my teacher has called “shotgun” on this dude. So, I cannot tear his arms off, because the wise protector has
      decided so. Raymond says Carlin is his. Dammit.

      O well. There is plenty satanists out there who are gonna kak from
      a hammer fist to the crown of the head. Im am going to get to the point
      where Brock Lesnar is gonna cry when he sees me. I want to
      apply a fast hammer-fist to his lower jaw, insert my hands into his
      mouth and hyper-extend his jaw, and tear it off.

      Love and respect,

      Gunther Kotze.

      Along with physical training, we study.
      I am now learning about monotomic gold.
      Hahahaaaaa! I love the Ten Commandments! And the Testimony!
      With those two, one is invincible!

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      Take leather balls to play rugby!

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      Are shin kicks good openers for follow up strikes like chinjabs and axe hands?

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      Dude, I dunno about opening with a shin kick,
      Maybe a knee kick, from the side if the situation allows,
      but I think balance and position may be compromised if
      you use that as an opener. I found that sticking with what
      Sir Damian of Ass-kick says is a winning way to go.
      I must add that we would only use the rising head-butt, or
      forward head-butt to chest ONLY if our hands were bound,
      Otherwise too risky.
      My opinion. Nothing more. We await the words of Sir Damian.

      Respect and Love,
      Gunther und Raymond.

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      Shin kicks (point of boot into shin) are excellent. Especially in a static position, when you and the guy are just talking calmly. It will take him off balance to you can follow up with something more brutal or just move him from one place to another.

      Shin kicks are also good if your working in the clinch (module 10) and you want to unbalance him.

      They are not fight-enders, but they are good openers. They are good for close range, they are outside of his field of vision and they attack a primary source of balance.

      Remember, anything that gives you the tactical advantage works.

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      Just a quick note, I have found that once an altercation begins and your attacker is expecting you to throw something, you’ll want to be careful about shin kicking when there is some distance between you as he can easily counter with a right hand. You’ll need to have it set up off of another strike.
      As Damian said, if you’re in close range and he can’t see the kick coming then that’s an excellent opener.

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      My worst DVDs would be Cap’n crunch and Martin Days SAS self defense. I’m sure a roundhouse kick to the head is a good knife defense. And he was supposed to have trained Royal Marines and SAS.

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      Another Karate Kid dressed in Military Clothing!!

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