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      [b:y8f9g57o]Erasmus 22 Principles on How to Be Strong While Remaining Virtuous in a Dangerous World…[/b:y8f9g57o]

      [i:y8f9g57o]Rule # 18[/i:y8f9g57o]


      – [b:y8f9g57o]We often worry and scheme about trifling matters of real no importance[/b:y8f9g57o]

      Looking at Erasmus’s 18th principles again,” CALM YOUR PASSIONS BY SEEING HOW LITTLE THERE IS TO GAIN,” and understanding the meaning of this principles as I do; it seems like today would be a good time to bring up [b:y8f9g57o]intent[/b:y8f9g57o].

      Websters defines “intent” as follows:

      [b:y8f9g57o]1:[/b:y8f9g57o] the state of mind with which an act is done; [i:y8f9g57o]Volition[/i:y8f9g57o].
      [b:y8f9g57o]2:[/b:y8f9g57o] a clearly formulated or planned intention; [i:y8f9g57o]Purpose[/i:y8f9g57o].
      [b:y8f9g57o]3:[/b:y8f9g57o] the thing that is conveyed or intented to be conveyed by language;[i:y8f9g57o] Meaning-Significance[/i:y8f9g57o].

      Within these 3 sub-definitions we find the words; [b:y8f9g57o]Volition, Purpose, Meaning & [/b:y8f9g57o] [b:y8f9g57o]Significance[/b:y8f9g57o], all describing a strong state of being, all important aspects of intent.

      As normal human beings each of us, in our day to day lives demonstrate this definition. Be it in our work, our family life, our hobbies, with our friends or where ever.

      But what I have found in most people, especially those who have not had to deal with violent behavior as part of their life, job or exsistance, is a decided inability to bring “intent” to the table when it comes to actually hurting a fellow human being.

      Which is as it should be, at least for those of us that wish to co-exist with the rest of society.

      However, lack of “intent” in a survial self-defense/personal protection moment, let alone an ordinary “fight” will tend to get this same person seriously hurt or dead.

      This lack of “intent” is often visible in our work-outs and training and simply put, we fight how we train.

      Physically harming another person takes a little bit of getting use to. Taking another persons life, we never (hopefully) get use to.

      But we do adjust and must of us that have had to do these things are very thankful that it was ‘the other guy’ and not us.

      Look violence is a tool.

      A tool that is used to enact physical and psychological dominance over another human being, society or country.

      It is a tool that has many, many different faces and each one of these faces has many different looks.

      It is a tool that because of it’s very definition carries with it a stunch allied by the name of Mr. Murphy.

      You know, the Murphy of,” If it can go wrong, it will go wrong fame.”

      For us everyday guy’s and gal’s this presents us with a very formidable adversary, because there is absolutely no possible way, no matter how intelligent we are, no matter how aware we are, no matter how skilled we are at “avoiding” Mr. Murphy and violence, that the spector of violence will not visit us.

      Quite frankly it is impossible

      If 4% of the population experiences assualt or assualt with a deadly weapon on a yearly basis, that means many of us, no matter how hard we work to avoid it, will allow Murphy to find us and have the up close and very personal experience of dealing with a violent situation.

      Violence is a TOOL and those that use it understand this.

      They have learn to use it expertly, be they bully, thug, skel, mugger, robber, killer or psychopath.

      They have infinitely more experience wielding this TOOL than most of you do.

      If 4% of the population faces a violent attack each year, that is 40,000 people out of every million souls. How many lives in your town or city?

      Here in the San Jose area there are over 7 million people.

      That’s a nice round number of 280,000 assualts a year and obviously 280,000 is a much bigger number to look at than 4% isn’t it?

      [b:y8f9g57o]Sort of brings the reality to the fore front.[/b:y8f9g57o]

      Not excepting this is kind of like playing Russian roulette, you may avoid blowing your head off for awhile but eventually the odds catch up to you.

      Bully’s, thug’s, skel’s, mugger’s, robber’s, killer’s and psychopath have intent. Not only that, they have friends, they have weapons, and their friends have weapons and intent.

      And these are merely some of the TOOLS of their trade.

      Believe it or not another TOOL that helps them is the internet itself.

      We as a species have a lust for watching violence. The problem is that for the most part, the violence we see on the internet (thanks to youtube and such) is the mild kind for the most part.

      This is only one of violences most public faces. For the most part, it does not allow us to film its most dangerous and serious looks and faces.

      If it did, most people would simply hide in their houses and pray it does not find them there.

      People who use violence to get what they want out of life are LOSERS. But even being LOSERS does not mean they are stupid or lazy.

      They use it because they understand how effective a tool it is. They use it because it is quick. They use it because they know that most of you have had little or no experience with it, especially real violence.

      I am in several forums and in a online usernet and on several occassions I have had the pleasure of sitting in on conversation concerning the use of violence.

      Understanding the need to make sense out of chaos is human nature, I often merely read the statements and let it go at that.

      But none the less, it simply amazes me at the number of individuals who attempt to philosophize in order to ligitimize the use of violence. They cognitively think their way through the process, analyzing it from the moral, legal and societal points of view.


      They banter back and forth about this philosophical point and that philosophical point; until they all want to hug each other.

      However, without fail, someone; some times me, sometimes someone else who has experience with this tool, finally shows up and tells it like it is:

      Anybody who attacks another person for no other reason than financial, personal, or psychological gain is a LOSER.

      And the only way to deal with this type of person is to make sure you are MORE VIOLENT THAN THEY ARE, period…

      So if you have trouble visualizing yourself using violence than you will have difficulty developing the needed survival “intent.”

      Here’s some things you need to do in order to get over this very normal problem.

      1: Remember, you do not know this person. You did not ask them to threaten you or attack you.

      2: Remember, MR, Murphy, meaning; if it can go wrong it will go wrong. Meaning, there is a possibility of death resulting from their actions against you or your inability to act.

      3: Remember, you are a person also, you have goals, you have friends, you have family, you may have children. What will it be like for them if you are seriously injured or dead? How are they going to feel? How are they going to survive? If you have children, wouldn,t you like to see them grow up?

      I know I plan on being around for my daughter and I am not going to allow another human to interfer with my responsibility and the pleasure of watching her become a woman.

      4: Remember, if your dead or in a wheel chair for the rest of your life, you miss all of this.

      Finally make a list of what you want, where you want to be in 20 years, of the pleasures you get out of life, of the people you love. You should find this list very uplifting and inspiring. You should find yourself relatively thankful for being alive, even with life being what life is.

      Than think of someone, someone you don’t even know, taking all of this away from you in a quick New York minute.

      If this does not piss you off, I am sorry but you aren’t human anyway, so disregard the whole exercise.

      But since it will piss you off, create a picture of this, an image. Than store this image in your short term memory as well as your long term memory and bring it up any time you are training. Heck bring it up any time your having trouble staying motivated with your training.

      If your human and I know you are, this will help you focus, it will help you hit faster, harder and longer.

      In short you are now beginning to develop the needed intent.

      See that bully, that thug, skel, mugger, robber, killer, psychopath atttempting to take everything away from you. Know that if you go, your family, your friends, your loved ones, your children; will all suffer.

      Know that if you die, so do so your dreams, your goals, your aspirations.


      Than after you’ve done all this, after you have develop survival intent, after you have trained it into the very fabric of your soul, you will need to develop your trigger list.

      But this is a story for another post…

      Just something to ponder.

      Be Real & Train Real
      Johnny G.

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