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When to go to the next module and can I get certified?

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      Dear Mr. Ross,
      Hello and thanks for the message. I bought the SDTS months ago but for various reasons could only start training recently and so far so good. I thought there was some sort of testing process, certificate or conclusion or something of the sort but I didn’t find anything like that with my delivery. I was hoping for something like that before going on to instructor training. I’m quite sure there’s a testing process of some sort but there was no information on it in my package. And is there a recommended number of times to go through the whole course? Is there a recommended number of times to work on each module before going onto the next one? I know training should be indefinite and everyone’s different but there must be a rough estimate to gauge when one’s mastered the basic techniques.
      I’ve also noticed to my regret that since I live in an apartment my training might disturb my neighbours below me. It might seems obvious in hindsight but you may wish to encourage SDTS members to set up their training area someplace it would disturb anyone; moving a loaded training dummy is a massive chore. Thanks and best wishes.
      Bradley L. MacDonald


      Sorry about the neighbors. You might want to ask them when they’re not around or what times would be better. Make sure to ask with a decent bottle of wine Smile.

      You can contact and SDC Instructor about testing and certification right here under the Forum, Testing and Certification. Post a link that you want to be certified and on the the SDC Instructors will set it up for you.

      The general rule to move on is when the technique becomes “Instinctive and Convulsive”. I can’t tell you “do this 1,000 times and that’s god enough” because it varies a little bit from person to person.

      It should NOT take you more than 2 months per Module if you are training 3 times per week for 45 minutes. That would be a good barometer.


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