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Where were you on September 11, 2001?

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      It’s not a national holiday, but I’m treating it like one.

      The question is “Where were you on September 11th?”

      I was in my office and a friend called me and said “a plane just hit the world trade center.”
      We all thought it was a small aircraft. While we watched it on the news, we could look at the skyline and see the smoke.
      Like most people who live in the NYC area, we know many who have been directly effected by this tragedy. It was the largest attack on a civilian target ever.
      We lost contact with close friends during an 8 hour time period. As always no knowing was the worst.
      We didn’t know how bad it was until it was silent. All of the first response units were staged and ready for the flood of injured. But no one came. As people staggered out of the city, caked in ash- no one needed serious medical attention.
      At that point we knew it was bad. The silence was deafening.
      My wife was pregnant with our first child all I was thinking was what world is she coming to?
      Those of us who saw the bodies hit the pavement will never forget.
      Those of us who watched the towers fall will never forget.
      Those of us who waited for loved ones to return home will never forget.
      Never forget the damage a few willing to sacrifice everything can do.
      Never forget the resolve and the willingness to help our neighbors and friends. Never forget the compassion we showed that day.

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      What’s wrong with people?

      My wife gets back from the gym to tell me that during the moment of silence not of the fat-asses on the tread mills took the time to stop.

      My friends wife has her kids dress in stars and stripes for the day get’s questions like “Why are they dressed like that?”
      BTW, her husband, my friend who is a Secret Service Agent on his way to work at the Fed building next to the WTC still can’t shake some of the memories of that day.

      And I’m still getting people trying to SELL ME STUFF in my inbox today.

      Really, take a break, is it really necessary?

      I don’t think I want to interest with too many people. I’m a little out of sorts.


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      I still get a chill when this day rolls by each year.

      The day it happened (which was an absolutely perfect day, weather-wise), I was at work and we normally work in silence, so one person had headphones on and was listening to the radio. She said a plane had hit one of the WTC towers. Everyone assumed it was a small Cessna or something. Then, it just seemed to snowball. The second tower hit, possible explosion at the Pentigon, a plane reported crashed in PA.

      At this point, I went online to the news sites and just watched it all unfold. Although, she was nowhere near the site, I instinctively called my mom. I asked if Dad was working in the city that day (which he does all the time), but he wasn’t that day. She had the TV on and I was watching online as we talked, the first tower fell. We were both choked up and couldn’t believe what we saw.

      Driving home from work that day, I would swear there wasn’t a bird in the sky the entire 60 minute trip home. When we got to the top of Rt. 23 (up the big hill towards Bloomingdale/Butler) I looked back and I could see smoke rising from the NYC skyline which was somewhere behind me.

      It was such a surreal day. I couldn’t stop watching the TV or internet looking at updates. Some around us at work just kept working. Talking about the same silly things they do every day (Does an ellipsis have a space between the dots or not? Oy!)

      Bruce Springsteen came out with his Rising album the next year. Those songs still stir up emotions when I hear them.

      Well, I was just another armchair observer that day, but it still gives me a cold feeling when this day comes by every year.

      Let freedom ring.


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