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Which hand to put the club in?

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      Hi Damian,
      I noticed when you train with your partner using the club in the eight swing moves, the club is in front. When you train with the dummy, the club is in your power punch hand. Which is correct – training with club in front or in the power punch hand? Thanks.
      David Petersen


      Good noticing. The club in the lead hand is an old FMA habit from learning knife and stick training. But when I want to hit for power, I use my strong hand and that’s the way to do it.

      Weapon vs empty hand tactics

      Always protect the most lethal weapon. Your knife, club or firearm is in your protected, strong hand. This way you can use or sacrifice the lead to set up the kill shot with with power hand.

      If you have a knife and stick, then the knife would be in the power hand and the stick in the lead.

      Knife an firearm? Knife in lead, firearm in rear.

      Weapon vs weapon tactics

      If you’re facing an edge weapon with a club, then the club goes in the lead hand. Knife to knife, knife in the lead hand. Anything against firearm: shoot straight and go home early.


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