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Why the Self Defense Training System?

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      Proven techniques and strategies. We started with a purpose, what wanted what works, period. We didn’t plan to go into business, we just happen to have been fortunate enough to live near experts in hand to hand combat.

      The training methods used in The System provide the fastest way to ingrain these techniques into your natural reaction. Since the skills are gross motor movement based, they are NOT hard to perform. In fact, after a few short weeks you will be able to use these methods with devastating effectiveness.

      In The System you get all the instruction and all of the drills you need for your training. If you have a question simply log onto the forum and ask. One of our instructors will gve you the information you need.

      At the Self Defense Company, we practice what we preach. Our methods are currently being deployed throughout the world, just look at our instructor list or locate our training centers. We live, breath and eat this stuff. It has to work, its our business.

      Features of The Self Defense Training System:
      25 DVDs, 12 training manuals and unlimited access to our team of instructors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
      No partner needed
      Train on your own terms
      Train only ONCE. After you go through the course, it’s there to stay.

      How the system works:
      The program is broken down into 12 Training Modules (Each about 2 hours in duration) Each module contains 2 full length professionally shot DVDs THEY PLAY EVERYWHERE- in every country, formatting is not an issue)
      The first DVD is the instructional portion, the second DVD is all of the training and drills you need to make what you just saw on the instructional DVD work.

      You will even get step by step instructions on exactly how to set up your training area. If you get stuck, just log on to the forum and ask your question to our team of trained instructors.

      All we offer is that you try the program for free.

      Thank you for visiting The Self Defense Company.

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