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      This is by far my favorite YouTube video. No – this is my favorite video of all time. Period. Why? Because I couldn’t believe that Will Smith was saying precisely what I believe in almost the same words I’ve repeatedly used. I love this guy’s attitude, and I was surprised to hear a celebrity saying something intelligible and coherent. Every word he’s saying here is true. Take it to heart.

      Pay attention:


      Brilliant. I watch this every now and then, and it never fails to send a jolt through my already dangerously charged form. I’m going to have to meet this guy.

      Sometimes I get a bit obsessive compulsive. For example, I’ll be shooting wadded up pieces of paper at a basket, and if I’m missing too many times I’ll get really pissed off and sit there for hours and hours recording my stats until I’m consistently hitting the “right” numbers.

      One time this happened I was trying to work on my form and everything. Then I remembered what I always remember: Fuck form. Just focus on the basket. Then, BAM! Started draining every shot.

      That’s my lesson: Fuck form. Fuck technique. Fuck it all. Just focus on the outcome; on the objective. It’s never failed me. So much simpler. The only time I start fuckin shit up is when I start tryin to micromanage my form and technique, and the hows and wherefores, and all that. Being an occasional golfer I can tell you that golf will really test you in this area. On the course, don’t think about how – at all, just hit the fuckin ball.

      Nike said it best: Just (fuckin) Do It. This applies to literally everything in your life, and any objective. Never lose sight of that objective. Everything else *will* align, I guarantee it.

      Here’s a bonus:


      Now, get lost.

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      This made my day. I really loved watching this and will watch this at the beginning of every week from now on. I forwarded this to my 20 year old son who is struggling with what to do with his life. He loves Will Smith and think he will be opened to watching it. I think it will help him in his quest for the answers he is looking for. Thank you for sharring it with me.

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      Heh, anything that blesses me I feel a certain obligation to pass on.

      You will prevail.

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