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Will the SDC release a Conceal Carry Program

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      [John Booher] wrote me and asked

      “Hi Damian,
      I really enjoy the format of your online instruction. If I were to give you some direction on where to go next it would be to integrate more into the program. I would like to see some firearm instruction such as concealed carry, weapons choices, tactics. I also think some offers on say observational psychology, situational awareness, etc would be great. I really think your site and your students would benefit from the complete picture. That is my 2 cents, thanks for listening! “

      Yes John, a conceal carry is in the works over the next 18 months along with other training programs. The idea is to incorporate them in the Insider format. We have a few great firearms experts who have the talent and the experience. These future programs will feature those talents other than me.

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      James Goolsby


      That sounds awesome! Sounds like you’ve got some great things in the works. I can’t wait.

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