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Woman suffers from disability…needs self defense

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      Hello Damian!

      One of the things I know I’d like to learn is self-defense for people like me who are disabled. I have failed lower back and neck syndromes, which are from major surgeries which corrected the physical issues, but did not get rid of the pain. I am on Social Security Disability due to these problems, and also have an intrathecal pain pump & spinal cord stimulator. I am restricted on lifting to 10 lbs, and am unable to exercise. I would definitely love to learn how I can try to defend myself, but with all my limitations, it seems I will never be able to do so.

      If there are any ways a person could defend themselves, like me, I would greatly appreciate it! If not, I can also understand. Thank you for your assistance!!

      Pam Mullvain

      Thanks for writing Pam.

      Well, in the SDTS we address this topic specifically. Simply because you’r most likely to be targeted when you appear weak. The SDTS will training you in two primary areas. First is threat identification and avoidance. How you interact with your environment goes a long way towards being selected as a victim. In Module 1 we talk about how you should walk and present yourself. We give you the OK to pay attention to your instinct. When something tells you those group of teenagers make you feel uncomfortable, it’s best to steer clear. This doesn’t make you a coward, racists or any of that nonsense- it makes you realistic.

      As far as tactical training we make up the difference by using technology and weapons along with proven techniques to increase your survivablity. Look, part of your responsibility it to explore what works best and feels comfortable. In order to do that you’re going to have to attempt the techniques.

      The answers are always simple – it’s the follow through that isn’t easy.


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