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Women Attacked by Chimp and Predator on the Loose

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      I just woke up this AM to a whole host of news. First headline woman attacked by pet chimp.

      https://www.wavy.com/dpp/news/nat_ap_nbc … k_20090217

      Which begs the question, how do you “fight a chimp”? In the animal world if you were to stand man against his fellow mammals he would be weak, vulnerable and out matched for physical, hand to hand combat. (Or hand to paw combat) But what we do have is a mind and opposable thumbs. So we should use our SMARTS and not keep pets that can kill us. I have a rule…if it can kill me it stays on the Discovery channel.

      The next item is a sexual predator is on the loose in North NJ. He stalks single woman and attacks them from behind, knocking them down and groping them.

      https://abclocal.go.com/wabc/story?secti … id=6652026

      The woman who fared the best were the ONES WHO FOUGHT BACK! Yelling, screaming and one even bit his fingers…now he can be identified easier.

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      I seen both of these stories last night. A rampaging crazed 200 pound chimp is a worst case scenerio. The owner did stab him with a knife to no effect. I am sure she didnt have any idea how to deploy it but is still bad news. 5 .40 cal rounds is what appeared to be what was needed.

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