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      Technology ALWAYS trumps empty hand techniques. In a battle between an armed man (or woman) vs. an unarmed man (or woman) always pick the one with the weapon.

      If technology gives you that much of an edge, why bother training in self defense at all?

      First of al, weapons are not always at your finger tips and sometimes they misfire or you flat out miss. A n item like a taser is a one shot deal, miss and you better have a plan B.

      Stun guns require you to get close to your target and hold the weapon on them for a few seconds (its not instant- trust me, I know).

      Pepper spray will disctract and incapacitate most but in some instances it will do nothing. If you’re planing on doing more than better have a plan B.

      People get shot, stabbed, hit with clubs and still manage to fight, now what?…you better have a plan B.

      Empty hand tactics allow you to use weapons better, create opportunities for you to survive. It also instills confidence and fitness if done on a regular basis.

      No matter what you do, you must have some plan to deal with the very REAL prospect of being attacked. It happens everyday, in every way.

      Law enforcement, security and military operators: If you take your job seriously then you MUST maintian fitness and the abiltiy to protect youself. If you carry a weapon or have to deal with violence in anyway you better know how to handle yourself AND your weapon at least minimally.

      In reality, every law abiding citizen must have a plan B. The police are not everywhere. I’s up to you to take some responsibility for your safety and those around you.

      Weapons are only as dangerous as the person holding it. In weapons defense we focus on attacking the man. In wespons offense we focus on developing the man (or woman) and it starts with empty hand training.

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