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You have to spend 10 years In Training to Learn Self Defense

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      From: “Mike Russo”
      Sent: Tue 21/04/09 12:56 PM
      Subject: Fwd: RE: fraud

      **There is a lot in this email, so I will insert comments in **

      An Opinion is an Opinion. Actionable, only if I publish, disseminate as fact.

      **OK, you’re an attorney?**

      I don

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      1O years to learn to defend yourself??Your having a laugh right?What are you learning? screen acrobatics that Jackie Chan performs pmsl??A chin jab takes 10 seconds to learn.Tiger claw even less.
      Stamping on the foot?hmm 1 second maybe.
      Knowledge is power and I know the knowledge gained from this system will never leave you.Because the moves are gross motor skills lolThis info is invaluable when it comes to self defense training.
      It isnt promising you to do acrobatics,it is simply showing what works!!Maybe you need to be honest with yourself and ask what took you so long to work out how to defend yourself.Then again you are showing your lack of REAL experience.I believe its you whos doing a disservice as a so called self defense instructor.Be honest you are pissed and your prides took a pounding,but itd be better than getting your head pounded if god forbid you ever really get attacked!!Learn from this!Join the company!
      Ive been teaching martial arts most of my life and have no shame admitting this site is brilliant.It will take 30 days to become a wrecking machine doing this!

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      Exactly. This guy talks like none of us have ever spent time in training. Hell, I’ll see his 32 years and raise him 3!.

      When I was a kid you would walk into the dojo and the instructor would be there and say “You need to be a black belt, it will take 3 years, sign here.”

      Hey, I spent years, time and money doing that stuff. There are two reactions to the SDTS curriculum.

      1. It can’t work, it’s too simple and I have spent YEARS and thousands on REAL martial arts.

      2. THAT’s what I’m looking for. that’s what I thought martial arts was supposed to be.

      When I have my way, the martial arts-self defense institution will be exposed for what it is.

      Why does a street thug have more effective technique than a martial artist?

      Attitude aside, the thug is based on results, martial arts is based on time.
      Street thug has not spent time in a dojo.

      To kick a thugs ass it has to be simple and brutal. See target, destroy target, any questions?

      Jon Bluming who is a famous dutch karate and judo player said about forms, “they were designed to waste time and fill schools.”

      Karate when it was for self defense as primarily two strike Front kick, Reverse Punch. Punch his lungs out and kick his nuts through his head.

      If I were Mike, I’d be a less pissed with me and a little more pissed at the people who sold me the BS and the brain washing he’s gone through.


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      It doesn’t take 10 years to become ready for combat in the Marine Corps. I know from personal experience. I also talk to Jim Keating on an irregular basis and I study his draw point system. His view is to study the dvd and come and see him once a year if you want.
      This guy ( Mike Russo ) is an idiot. With good hard and HONEST training, one can have the skill to survive an assault in a couple of months, to quote Carl Cestari. Stretch that to a year of hard training that includes weaponry and you have a badass. Some learn faster than others and there are varying degrees of ability from one to another.
      Mr. Russo should quit stroking himself and start training in a realist manor.

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