Free Survival Gear Giveaway Blow Out (limited supply)

This  was nuts – the self defense flashlights are almost gone. There’s only a few left and you can pick yours up here >>> CLICK FOR FLASH LIGHT 

I have been told I have 2 more really cool giveaways for testing –  All you do is pay for postage and they are yours for FREE

It’s Christmas in September!!!

The 2 new tools are:

The Water Proof Capsule Lighter  >> Click Here for Details <<

The Every Day Mini Tool   >>Click Here for Details <<

The Waterproof Capsule lighter is good up to 30,000 strikes…you can submerge it in water and it will STILL Light!! 

No need for matches, this little capsule sits in your pocket or keychain and will give you spark for life. 

And it’s yours…free…CLICK HERE  for a demonstration



You can never  have enough knives right?…I like mine to be a multi-purpose like  >>Your New FREE EDC Tool<<


>>Click HERE for Your New FREE EDC Tool<<

I want to make sure you get at least one or both of these amazing tools shipped to you right now, so that you can personally test it out for FREE (you just pay for postage).

These free offers are about to end, so be sure to use these links right now before they’re all gone and you miss out.

Today, I get to proudly participate in a great American past-time, where I can be “protector of the constitution”… yep, Jury Duty!

Train Honestly,


P.S. These are going to go quick! Be sure to grab your free Waterproof Capsule LighterTactical Flashlight and Mini-Tool and add them to your every day kit… BEFORE you need them. 


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