Giving Thanks in 2020?

Giving Thanks in 2020?

Just when you think it couldn’t get worse….

2020 is clearly the year of loss, for us it started in November when our friend Kyle lost his battle with Osteosarcoma at the age of 17 and ended when my friend Lou lost his battle with cancer…and in between – the hits just kept on coming…we lost loved ones, jobs, businesses and yes…some even lost elections…HELL — MY DOG EVEN DIED!!!

But I am still grateful for what I have. In fact, now more than ever…and that’s the secret…being grateful for who you are and where you are right now. Knowing that it’s all only temporary, the good, the bad…the ugly…holding on to the brief moments of happiness before we’re reminded of how lucky really we are… Always move FORWARD, always TAKE GROUND.

This Thanksgiving we’re going to be home for the fist time in forever…just the four of us, a few close friends, a little football and hopefully a well cooked Turkey.

Today I give thanks for my family, friends, the Self Defense Company Members and Instructors, the first responders and the people who choose to follow their passions in life instead of living in silent desperation. I’m going to remember all of those we lost this year and years past – raise my glass and breathe them in…hold them in my heart for awhile and tell those around me how much I love them.

CARPE DIEM my brothers and sisters because before you know it…we’re all in the box.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving and ..(Uh-oh, I think I smell something burning) gotta go…




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