Good Samaritan Stops Mugger

Good Samaritan Stops Mugger

A good Samaritan interrupted a would-be mugger as he pummeled a woman into unconsciousness a block away from her Lower East Side home, officials said Monday.

The 61-year-old victim suffered bleeding on her brain, and needed to be intubated after the Saturday attack, prosecutors said

Devin Brown claims he was the victim and the 61 year old woman tried to rob him.

Police sources said the attacker, Devin Brown, 23, was looming over the victim on Forsyth St. near Stanton St., by Sara D. Roosevelt Park, when a passing motorist noticed her legs sticking out from behind a tree at 6 a.m.

The witness got out of his car and asked Brown what he was doing, and Brown twice yelled out, “She robbed me!”

Except the woman was bleeding from the mouth and unconscious, and he was repeatedly slamming her head into the ground, sources said.

Brown walked off, and the witness called 911, and police caught up with him on Eldridge St., arresting him.

Surveillance video shows him punching the woman and knocking her to the ground, according to a criminal complaint.

He then went through her pocket and kicked and punched her as she lay lifeless, the complaint said.

The woman was taken to Bellevue Hospital, in critical but stable condition.

She needed to be intubated Saturday, prosecutors said. Brown, who faces felony assault attempted robbery charges, remains held on $500,000 bail.

“That b—h robbed me first!” Devin Brown, who was quickly apprehended thanks to a good Samaritan, whined to cops when he was taken into custody minutes after the Lower East Side attack about 6 a.m. on May 20, according to court papers.

Brown was slapped with an indictment for attempted murder, assault and attempted robbery for the heartless would-be mugging of a woman on Forsyth St.

He pleaded not guilty at his arraignment in Manhattan Supreme Court.

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  1. Thanks to the man who helped. We all could be in need to get help in a situation of that kind and things like that happen more and more often.

  2. The Good Samaritan saved the life of this poor woman and showed great courage to confront this thug who might have had a gun or other lethal weapon (especially as a killer never wants to be identified). And, how many other people passing-by saw something questionable about this incident, but just kept going because of their own reasons. So each of us must be ready to defend ourselves and others if we are so moved to action as Good Samaritans are too few and far in between. “Bottom line”, we can only count on ourselves if violence knocks at our door. It is always better to be prepared and not need it, than need it and not be prepared!

  3. An opportunity to intervene on someone else’s behalf presented itself and this person took the risk and did just that – awesome job sir! – together, we can and do make a difference.

  4. An opportunity to intervene and assist a stranger presented itself and this man stepped up – good job sir! Together, one act at a time, we can and do make a positive difference.

  5. About 15 years ago in the middle of my City on a Sunday afternnoon a block from the City Hall and a civic gathering I witnessed a young man punching and yelling at a young woman as they were gettin into his car. I told two or three others nearby me to come to her aid. When he was conffonted by us to leave her alone, she said it is ok but the man took out a knife and held it to her throat telling us to back away. He pushed her away and grabbed the guy closest to hin and held the knife to his throat. What else could we do with no Cop around but ask him to let the guy go and allow them to get into his car with the woman? I tried to help but the coward got away. When I did find a Cop he did nothing.

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