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Guardian Firearm Retention

Guardian Weapon Retention Self Defense Training Course

 What if he Grabs Your Gun?!?

Self defense Doesn’t Always Start at Seven Yards Away. Avoid Making the Biggest Mistake 99.9% of Gun Owners Make with this Simple and Effective Firearm Retention System. 

Just Owning a Gun is Not Enough for Self Defense.

Before we continue, if you’re one of those people who thinks a gun will solve all of your self defense problems, this is not the place for you…

However if you have a healthy respect for lethal use of force and a realistic understanding of interpersonal violence and you know that most violent altercations usually start from something completely innocuous like you accidentally bumping into someone or cutting them off ..then keep reading. …

People are crazy — You never know who you’re dealing with…even if you “try to walk away” there are some people who just won’t let you. And before you know it, they’re in your face and your opportunity to effectively draw your weapon is gone and now you’re not in a gun fight…you’re in a REAL FIGHT…well…not exactly…

Fortunately, there are some simple and easy techniques you can do that will STOP the momentum of his attack, enable you to create space and that equals time to draw your weapon — and if he actually goes for your weapon…YOU MUST ACT ruthlessly and brutally. Because if he gets a hold of it, statistics show, he’s going to kill you with it.

This is not the time for fancy…you know, those cool “John Wick Moves” that look great on camera (when you have months to practice and unlimited takes). The time is for simple, brutal and effective…and this is what Guardian Weapon Retention gives you.



  • How to Size Up a Threat BEFORE it’s Too Late
  • How to Create Space with the Softest Part of Your Hand
  • Elbow Spike – Deliver Shock and Awe at Close Range
  • Quick Kicks – so fast, you’ll STOP his Momentum Instantly
  • How to Use Head Butts in Close Quarters
  • Proactive vs. Reactive Tactics
  • Defense against Frontal Assaults
  • Ground Situations
  • Simulated Tactical Training
  • Primary Counter Attack Skills
  • Double Forearm Shiver to Stun Even the Largest Attacker
  • Shoulder Drop, Hip Checks and Lesser Known Techniques
  • Handgun Retention (both holstered and un-holstered)
  • Defense against Rear Assaults
  • Long Gun Retention (no harness)
  • 24-7 Certified Instructor Support
  • Course Completion Certificate

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This is the stuff you can't learn at the range.

Look, the range is a business, there are laws, they have insurance and they're SEVERELY restricted in what they can do and teach -- fortunately, we don't have to worry about we're going to give it to you straight...

From the Desk of: Damian Ross - Founder of The Self Defense Company
RE: Responsible Gun Ownership

Dear Fellow Protector:

You should never have to pay for a split second mistake with your life.
However, when you're in a life or death situation, you're going to be fighting to grab your gun…
And part of that is creating enough distance between you and your attacker to even grab your weapon.
And even though what I'm about to say next may ruffle some feathers, I'm too focused on helping people like you that I simply don't care what others think...

Most of the weapon retention skills people teach are useless.

They are too complex to perform under real world stress and SNS activation and if you don't practice them every forget them even faster than you learned them. That's why we developed the Guardian Weapon Retention Program. In this program, you can discard the fluff you've learned in shooting ranges where everything is practiced 7 to 10 feet away or what your self defense guru may have told you.

Because, lets face it, by the time you're actually justified to use deadly force...YOU'RE IN A FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE.

The good news is, with just a few simple, core combat techniques and proven close combat principles you will be able to retain control over your weapon, create space and of course - aim and fire.

Part of responsible gun ownership is being responsible for who controls your gun!

Thank you for stopping by and I'll se you on the inside.

Damian Ross
Founder, The Self Defense Company


If you are not absolutely blown away beyond a shadow of a doubt, simply email our support staff and we'll refund your entire order, no questions asked. In fact, we'll even refund your money and let you keep the entire program.

My wife told me I was crazy when I offered this, but to me it's a representation of the life-changing tactics we teach with Guardian Weapon Retention that can't be found anywhere else. If you're here, I know you're not a "some day" type of person...and I want you to get this at the super low price. 

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