Gun Disarm

Gun Disarm

Self Defense Company Instructor Mario Karam demonstrates a gun disarm (using a “live” weapon).

Note the weapon is not loaded, but using a real firearm adds another level of stress the training guns don’t offer.


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  1. This does not replace ANY of the gun defenses in the SDTS. If you are compelled to use a gun disarm….and you really must… then do this one…but please train it a lot. It’s a little more complicated than we’re used to, however, in this situation with enough practice you’re good.

    One thing you MUST do is distract him and get him talking and thinking about something other than pulling the trigger.

  2. ? Damian. Overall a great demonstration of a defense that would work. What is excellent here is the distraction followed by clearing the line of the firearm. I would recommend much more control of the weapon bearing limb followed by a beatdown before actually disarming. Always follow principles. Hands in proximity to the weapon. Use artifice. Clear the line of fire, seize the weapon bearing limb if you can and beat the subject down.

    1. George, NO IT”S NOT ! You obviously don’t know what you are doing either. Go get schooled. Geez…

  3. THIS IS STUPID AS SHIT ! I WAS HOPING TO SEE THE GUY GET SHOT, OR AT LEAST AN N/D ! First when you train this and you decide to use a Real Weapon, you use an INERT BBL insert to make the Real Weapon INERT !!! These idiots are to STUPID or to CHEAP to do it correctly and safely. NEXT Bad MOTHERFUCKERS “Thugs” don’t keep their FINGERS OFF THE TRIGGER during the Armed Robbery. Their finger is on the trigger and most times taking up SLACK. Lastly this DUMB ASS never removed his HEAD from the trajectory of the Barrel before he made his gun grab attempt. Hey GENIUS try that shit with SIMS or UTM with a guy with his finger on the trigger and the SLACK out of the TRIGGER. You are going to have broken skin on your forehead, you are going to LEAK, and you are going to have a BAD HEADACHE. I wouldn’t Train with you EVER !!! You are a
    FUCKTARD no matter what Belt Color you hold in whatever Form it is in. It sure aint in GUNJITSU. You are an IDIOT…
    Seriously, what is wrong with you and your Organization. Obviously you do not know any better. You guys should close up shop !!! It isn’t that hard to actually go and learn the correct way to do this…

  4. So we have an opinionated key board warrior here who wants to give me his opinion. Lol. Train with me for 5 minutes and you’ll know more then whatever YouTube studying you’ve been doing. I wish you well in your training goof

  5. George, I don’t know you.
    I am not a key board warrior. I am just a person with a lot of proper training and experience that knows better and can actually do it.
    The depiction of the disarm in the video is so fundamentally flawed. I mouthed off because this bullshit disarm training video can & would get people killed, & or shot intentionally on the street and or Negligently in practice.
    As for Gunjitsu that was a funny ass comment designed as irony to show light on the inexperience & ignorance of the two idiots in the video.
    So yes George, you have egg on your face and a massive cum dump for defending your position on this horrendous video.
    Honestly your video should be used by all Defensive Tactics instructors to show how not to do a disarm. Now that’s saying something.
    If you wish to be cool & ask what is so wrong with the video.
    Just respond, and I’ll take you through is step by step so you can make a new one that is at least ethical, safe, & has a high success rate. By the way, I don’t have an opinion, I have facts. Big difference.

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