Hate Mail Damian Ross of The Self Defense Company Can't Fight!

Hate Mail Damian Ross Can’t Fight

Hate Mail Damian Ross Can’t Fight



This edition of hate mail features people telling me that I have ZERO talent and don’t know how to fight even on the most basic level.  Let’s face it, they think I suck.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and since they took the time to share their insights it’s only right that I share them with you…

Oh, I should mention that I do this for a laugh, so please don’t feel compelled to compliment me. My ego is REALLY BIG and when it comes to the subject of self defense…I’m pretty confident in what we have here.

I just like to face the haters head on and well, since I can’t give ’em an ATOMIC PIMP SLAP in person…we’ll just have to do this.




“You can tell this nerd, geek etc doesn’t know shit about self defense. He doesn’t even have the appearance of a fighter. If he is so good, why isn’t he making money in the UFC?” – Jose Luis Guinea



“Hi, you guys are scamming people teaching that so called self defense. I would love to spar with you guys so I could show the people who pay you how to really defend themselves. I wouldn’t mind teaching your team also cause from the video on the ad you guys released you guys need training on how to fight for real.” – Isaiah Deshon 



“Do these stupid things really get them any customers? How gullible you must me to fall for this.” – Chris Harrison



“Yes….fuck off with your spam emails.” – John J. Eddleston

Author and owner of https://true-crimes.co.uk/
Voluntarily opted in to my mail list 12.22.2017 (can’t figure out how to click the UNSUBSCRIBE link at the bottom of each email). Have to admit…I like this guy.



“That is some of the worst pseudo skills I’ve seen since the 1980’s Bullshido Boom.” – Joe Segar




“This guy can’t do one, decent technique!” – Jimmy Pape





This is so stupid I hope people see the stupidity of this and join any type of real Martial arts.” – Jonathan Vince  



“A little disappointed as I guess I misunderstood what I was buying for the reduced price. I’m sorry but if I would have known this was what I got for 19 dollars was a one hour video I probably would not have purchased it. – Frank”

Note: The name of the program is 60 Minute Self Defense


That’s it, until next time…spread the love and keep it real!


This Hate Mail post is dedicated to my good buddy Mike – you’re the best Huny. 

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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. What these people don’t get is that this system really wasn’t meant to be a “self-defense” system. It’s NOT an art. It’s a system created and based off of World War Two combatives. Which was designed to give the soldiers of that time period the most effective techniques to kill their enemy in hand to hand combat inside the trenches. People talk about how long will it take me to learn how to protect myself? The soldiers in World War Two were receiving as little as eight hours of hand to hand combat training and going into battle doing some of the most sophisticated types of combat with that eight hours of training. When I talk about sophisticated, I’m talking about quiet sentry removal and at times assassinations with some of these very same techniques taught in the self-defense system. If your looking for a system that has the capability to be lethal if the need arises, you need look no further than the ‘Self-Defense System’.

    1. Exactly.

      Look, the people telling you it takes years are rooted in programs that are designed to keep you training LONGER and MORE OFTEN.

      The whole martial arts and self defense business is designed to get students to train longer. The longer you stay…the more you pay.

      I’m not saying school owners are evil – it’s just the nature of their business.

      Yet, every year millions of people all over the world survive violence without any training whatsoever.

      This is another post – but the way most martial arts are taught is TOO restrictive, rigid and complicated which makes it counter-intuitive to fight or flight (SNS activation).

      Anyway – it shouldn’t take years to learn something that’s instinctual to every creature on the planet.

      1. I appreciate very much your thoughts here. The more I read your hate mail, the more laughable those ignorant idiots appear, who have no clue of the nature of your self defense system.

  2. I know that when I train using the techniques you are showing it feels natural and makes sense. When I trained with martial arts instructors many techniques did not feel natural and needed lots of practice. I am at an age where my wife and I are targets. I keep in shape as much as possible but that will not stop the potential for attacks. I carry myself with confidence but that will not stop the attacks. I want something I can use quickly and not worry about breaking my hands, like in kickboxing. Keep up the good work.

    1. Yep, there’s a way in a lot of the martial arts that goes against natural movement which is different than this and even sports.

      The goal of what were doing is all that matters, how you get there is not that important. In martial arts it’s both the goal and how you do it.

      Turn your foot an inch, snap your head around – focusing on the minutia and losing sight of the big picture.

      Great observation.

  3. THIS WAS A TREAT…. ! Thank you. I am just a guy, not an alley warrior looking to knotch my yellow-belt. I think most people watching have a reason-in-mind and that would be me. I am OLD… it states that on my Driver License and on Oprah Winfrey’s whine video. I am a target – easy pickins and non-threat to the Pink Hat crowd marching accross the country. In short, The confidence of my 20’s is out of date and obsolete… and the insurance of aggression is well gone. Those 20’s melded into almost the ’80’s. I NEED/WANT to ingrain reaction protection for my wife and myself. Reaction + Protection if/when anything threatens our safety – that’s all — just safety. Nothing from the movies, just safety under urban conditions – not mass Samurai attack. Will you Design, Create, Recommend a collection of your skills that i can PROGRAM my “OLD” slow, contemplative reactions to DO… in as short a time-period as possible ?

    THAT, my Teacher, i will subscribe, buy, learn and practice. Someday, i hope you live to be old, and enjoy the trip.


    1. Tom, please call me Damian….

      Hey – that Fife Bodyblock took down a convicted felon…we’ve got to add it

  4. I love these hate mail posts! People think there has to be flying kicks and death touch techniques for it to be “real” haha. I’ve trained in many different martial arts and self defense programs over the years, and continue to do so because you can never stop learning new things. This system is the simplest and most effective I’ve ever found and I continuously go back and watch the videos to refresh throughout the year. A lot of youngsters think they’re bad ass because they train MMA, then go into panic mode once they get dropped with a good ol hand yoke haha. But what do I know? – Bouncer, Security Officer, Military Police, Certified Modern Army Combatives Instructor

  5. A lot of stupid stuff from these guys, but I think the first one from Jose Luis Guinea saying, “You can tell this nerd, geek etc doesn’t know shit about self defense. He doesn’t even have the appearance of a fighter. If he is so good, why isn’t he making money in the UFC?,” pretty well sums up the ignorance.

    What does a fighter look like? I found out a long time ago that some guys who looked tough couldn’t fight worth a damn, and some guys who looked like pushovers could kick the shit out of you. When it comes to fighting don’t judge the book by its cover, and treat all people like they are bad-asses.

    Also, he fails to understand the difference between sport and self-defense. In self-defense, the go-to moves are against the rules of the UFC.

  6. I’ve spent a total of 45 years and 1000.00’s of dollars learning martial arts. I have 3 black belts, 1 a 9th degree in Kenpo, a 2nd in Lima Lama a 4th degree from Hanshi Jerry Piddington. My studies have been more about the similarities than the differences.

    All that being said, I’ve spent more time UN learning the Martial arts. Finding the simplest most effective ways that work. Too many techniques cause confusion. Simple effective movements are what work.
    The main thing is being able to go dark. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ll get wiped all over the cage if I were to be put in that arena. Too many rules! SDTS gets right to the nitty gritty. Anything you hold in your hand is NOT a weapon, it’s a tool. YOU ARE THE WEAPON. This is the basis of the teaching. Get over yourselves you Traditional Martial Artists. Going toe to toe may work in an anti social scenario, but when you run into a asocial situation you must match the blackness of the individual. This is the basis of the teaching SDTS.

    I have only purchased the 60 minute self defense DVD,
    In that 60 minutes I saw the depth of the teaching, and, “It will cut”! Courtesy of “Forged in Fire”
    Jeff Bam Bam Voorhies
    Street Smart System of Self Defense

  7. OMG, these folks are funny at least. I must admit, after having trained in three different martial arts styles for some time, SDTS felt a little plain and almost counterintuitive. But, after a few days of “practice” it made sense.
    My first adventure in its application was as a Police officer in a North East city late one night with an individual who was drunk and high on who knows what. My partner and I tried to work with this individual who then decided to charge me. Instantly, I stepped/stomped into his center line and delivered an instinctive throat chop. The results were far more than I expected. This individual flew backwards about 6 feet into a chain link fence (I had no idea it would be that forceful) and bounced back out into the waiting grabs of my partner and I who then introduced him to the trunk of a patrol car.
    If necessary, there would have been more chops, stomps and other sundry blows of destruction. The moves come immediately and without having to think about, gee should I do the spinning back kick, the block and flop, which side should I try to step to as I evade a lunge or punch?
    This stuff is awesome and I heartily encourage everyone to get involved with it, even those who may have a differing opinion (Hate mail folks).
    Hey, you only get out what you put in.
    Train Honestly (Sorry Damian, borrowed that last one from you)

    1. VINCE!!! You made my month. Thank you.

      The one thing about this stuff is that when the adrenaline hits you can channel it. Hence the skel flying into the fence.

      The strike + drive = DAMN.

      Great, great stuff.

      Vince, if it’s OK with you I’d like to re-tell that story…sanitized a bit of course.

  8. Combative is a breakdown of making WW2 gutter fighting which is the original name of combatives the system was to teach soldiers what to do in the shortest time possible before deployment to the battlefield.

    1. Yep – it was also at a time when hand to hand combat was a tactic regularly used on the battlefield. Trench warfare, weapon technology and raiding parties all relied heavily on the soldier’s ability to fight in close quarters.

      Today (and this is a good thing) weapon tech and intel keep our men and women at a much safer distance.

  9. Maybe you should take Isaiah up on his “sparring” offer and see how he likes an eye gouge and a yoke to the throat!!! And Mr. Papeshmear seams like just the type of expert that can´t fight off the free buffet. Jonathon doesn´t even make any sense, please what in your superior opinion is a “real” Martial art? Nothing like being vague. Jose…doesn´t he realize that the UFC is a sport with rules and not self-defense? Maybe he took some classes from Danialson after beating Johnny. Damian talks about taking martial arts in Module 1 and how it is fine and wrote an article about why he thinks Judo is a great option if you want to train a martial art. Also in Module 1 it is discussed about the difference between fighting with rules and equipment in a ring or a mat and on the street with no rules, equipment, refs, and whatever kind of terrain, etc. Maybe they should do a little research on the program and real life. But I guess they got the disease called “Foot-in-Mouth.” But the have their limitations and are designed to take years to be effective (money makers). SDTS is designed to teach you essential techniques, simply and easily, so you can be prepared in a short time to defend yourself and others. Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things…Isaac Newton Which sums up the SDTS compared to Martial Arts. I agree that martial arts can be a nice adjunct to SDTS, but training Combatives is the bread and butter.

    1. Combatives is the GO TO. Period. I always suggest people supplement with a grappling art like judo – and if you’re into anything else, fine. You just don’t want a system that makes you STOP AND THINK.

  10. People love to hate on social media, which is one of the ugly sides of the internet experience. I don’t see anyone of these haters showing any titles behind their names, as in judo instructor, or Marine D. I. I have known a few men, including my dad who was a WW II vet use similar moves to yours in both training and real life, so I know it works.
    whatever form of defense you use, it has to be quick and decisive as you always say. Don’t linger, jut do what it takes to put them down.

  11. There is some seriously brain dead morons out there when will these numb skulls get a brain. Anyone who has faced real violence knows what SDTS and Damian teach is the best of the best real deal stuff available. This is not a sport and the simplicity is deceiving in that many think if it looks simple to do it mustn’t be deadly martial arts that only experts can do like in all the bullshit traditional martial arts out there and there phoney grandmasters with made up titles like soke hanshi etc. What Damian teaches is the real deal self defence that has been battle tested proven and works and in a real deadly situation with adrenaline going thru the roof only simple things are proven to work gross motor skills, all your fancy dancey martial arts won’t be there when the shit hits the fan. In my opinion SDTS of Damian Ross is the best self defence system I’ve ever seen.

  12. Hahaha…Mr. Ross, you made my day!

    Haters will always hate you if you are right, popular and successful.

    For the record, the SDTS is the best system I ever learned even better than MCMAP, KRAV MAGA etc.

    SDC Lebanon.

  13. Hahaha…Mr. Ross, you made my day!

    Haters will always hate you if you are right, popular and successful.

    For the record, the SDTS is the best system I ever learned even better than MCMAP, KRAV MAGA etc.

    SDC Lebanon.

  14. To quote one of my favorite movie combative stars, Patrick Swayze (“Roadhouse”) when Terry Funk, a personal friend from our childhood, told him, “I don’t think you’re so tough!” Patrick told him, “Opinions differ.” Patrick killed Terry later in the movie. In fact, he killed everybody except the lady doctor.

    Train honestly L-5

  15. I actually admire what you’ve done and have purchased some of your online courses.

    Your customer service representative, however, has not responded to my last 4 emails regarding a request for a refund (only for one of your products).

    Could you or your representative respond to these emails?

    I wish you all the best. Stay safe.

  16. More hilarity. Enjoyable but also classically illustrative of people who can’t seem to grasp the idea of what self defense really is, which is murdering bad people before they can murder you.

    Not sparring or fighting or playing tag in a phone booth while wearing underwear.

    Skill is one of the most overrated concepts of all time. Skill is for sports. Skill equates to the “flowery techniques” Bruce Lee spoke of.

    No skill is needed to hit someone in the head with a hammer. None of the techniques taught here really require a high degree of skill. If they did they would be useless for the average person. And they’d get skilled people killed while they were busy trying to be skilled.

    An example of this is how you’ll see in movies, and also real life training clips, spec ops guys moving around in a target area with their rifles up, looking through the sights.

    If you ever do this in real life you’re likely going to die. They can get away with it in scenarios where they’re operating with a team and also ambushing their targets. Each team member has a narrow field of fire, like defensive linemen rushing the QB.

    But imagine you’re by yourself, running to and from cover, having to cover 360 degrees, while multiple guys are trying to shoot you. Are you really going to run around looking through your sights like an idiot? You’re actually blinding yourself and physically in a position which makes spinning around very awkward and slow.

    I constantly see footage of “special ops” guys, or depictions of them, that frankly makes me wonder if they just put that crap out there to hide their real tactics. Cuz a lot of them seem nonsensical.

    I watch this crap, and it seems impressive, but practically speaking there’s no way in hell I’d do half the stuff these guys do under pressure, all by myself.

    All of those guys could no doubt shoot circles around me on a controlled range. But I still like my chances in real life. Cuz I only do stuff that makes sense to me. Not stuff that looks good in movies.

    Or in cages. Or dojo’s. Violence is not complicated. Prison killers aren’t renowned for their gymnastic abilities.

    The other thing these idiots can’t seem to grasp is that real world killers almost always use deception or distraction first.

    Just like the aforementioned special ops unicorns. They train specifically to be very good at ambushing and killing unsuspecting targets. But if you ambush them they’re just as helpless and useless as anyone else. Maybe more so since if I know their training before the ambush I can predict their reactions even easier than some crazed psycho.

    Skill can actually be a liability. Training makes you predictable. I like the Bruce Lee quote about going from amateur to professional to amateur again. To have to move by inspiration and not calculation eventually.

    That’s actually the real point of training. Not repetition but improvisation and creativity, with variations of the simplest techniques possible. Never repeating. Then, under pressure, the only pattern wired into your brain is no pattern. Just flowing with chaos. It’s natural. Nothing changes.

    The idea of challenging someone who teaches the murder of bad guys is nonsensical. Ok, you’re here to challenge me? Fine then, just hang your coat right over there. Nope, to the right a little. Then I stab them in the ear with a flat head screw driver.

    Challenge over! These people are unbelievably arrogant and delusional. No concept of what violence really is.

    I actually consider myself to be more at risk than someone who looks like a victim. I do not in any way. So I have zero element of surprise. Whereas some psycho chick could have that benefit if attacked.

    So someone really bent on taking me out is going to make damn sure I don’t ever see it coming! All my magical training will then be useless.

    Like killing Navy SEALS. Just crowd them all in a chopper and then crash it in the mountains.

    So for me, awareness and intuition are even more important than for someone who actually looks like a victim.

    The most dangerous people are cowards and women. Because if they want to kill you they’re really going to make sure you don’t see it coming. Poison, sniper, shot in the back, bomb, a piano falling out of a window whatever.

    So really, hand to hand skills are really the lowest level of self defense. If you get that far you’re actually pretty lucky…

    So invite all the challengers to Challenge Day at the dojo. Have them all sit in chairs. Then go outside and fire an RPG through the window.

    Challenge all done!

  17. I guess these bullshit artists would have a lot to say to all those dedicated trainers of professional boxers and martial arts instructors that know more about their arts than all of the keyboard commandos combined.

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