In this installment of Hate Mail we get a little more in depth with some of my haters who feel compelled to send video, threaten lawsuits and the feds or just threaten me. Either way, these three people are in a special category all of their own.


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I’m expert at bo-shuriken Kunai, & throwing spikes. I also know Muay Thai Karate Judo Jiu-Jitsu Ninjutsu Boxing, MMA – Shawn Vance

Note: In my personal and UNPROFESSIONAL opinion I think this guy is a little insane, so this is more like a public service announcement. He sent us several demo videos on facebook…


Here’s are some compelling videos of Shawn…

Shawn puts on an AWESOME kicking display.


This is how you make an entrance.


Shawn is DEADLY with his Ninja spike from a distance of about two feet or less.

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Do these stupid things really get them any customers?  How gullible you must me to fall for this. I’m a brown belt in karate and Tae Kwon do, black belt in Aikido, watched a lot of videos, taken self defense courses and am expert marksman. As for not relying on weapons, from 15 feet away I’ll hold simunitions gun and you can try and beat me without a weapon.  – Chris Harrison


“Chris have you trained in our program?” – SDC
“No” – Chris

“Tent of Bliss”

Gary Heyer

Namastay-away from this Lyft Driver. #namastayaway

“Make me cunt.”
 – Gary Heyer. 

Normally, I just kind of leave off here – but through our exchange Gary threatened to sue me, contact the FBI and give me business advices (I attached the emails below).
I had no choice but to look up Gary Heyer’s facebook profile and I discovered PURE GOLD.

The following is a direct quote from his page:

“So for the first time since September of 2008 I’m not on a schedule teaching yoga classes. Since December of 2016 I have given almost 500 rides via Lyft. I’m so grateful for this gift! Lyft enables me to hold space for love, kindness and compassion for every sacred Being who enters my car. …The entire world needs you to lead each being home to their heart. After all we are all just walking each other home.

I guess calling me a “CUNT” is what Gary considers a “loving, kind and compassionate way.”

Gary is one of the creepiest dudes I’ve seen out there, when you have a moment PLEASE check out his TEMPLE BLISS page here: I promise it DOES NOT disappoint.

In case you don’t go to the site…here’s a few of my favorite videos from my favorite Yogi-Lyft driver’s Tent of Bliss (#tentofbliss)



Here’s another disturbing video of Gary with another unresponsive woman. I will give him one thing…he has a gift for getting women to his tent in the woods…I guess it’s better than a ‘Van Down by the River’. #tentofbliss

Look I don’t know what’s worse, this or Gary giving rides to strangers.

Anyway in one Gary’s emails he called me an “Insane Meathead” and on that, I couldn’t agree more.

Enjoy your trip to the Tent of Bliss #tentofbliss.

Until next time…

Namastayaway from Gary!



PS. Below are some screen caps of Gary’s insanity and my seventh grade level responses.

Exhibit 1: The initial exchange when Gary Heyer Yogo Lyft Driver called me a “cunt”.

Gary Heyer Yoga 1


Exhibit 2: My favorite Yoga-Lyft Driver Gary Heyer’s Temple Bliss philosophy on life and business. It’s no wonder why Gary is truly in “the driver’s seat”.


Gary Heyer Yoga 2

Exhibit 3:Gary Heyer goes from wishing me luck to taking me to court. There are two things he gets right here…I’m insane and a meat head.


Gary Heyer Yoga 4


Exhibit 4: Gary Heyer Driver – Yogi extraordinaire “brings in the feds”. Please note at no time did I threaten Gary Heyer in any way. I would not dare disturb his Temple of Bliss…in a tent in the woods #tentofbliss.


Gary Heyer Yoga 5

Finally, here is my seventh grade response. At least if he’s forwarding my emails to the FBI, they should have a laugh as well.


Gary Heyer Youga 6

There’s one thing that Gary Heyer, Lyft Driver, Yoga Instructor and of course founder of the temple of bliss doesn’t realize…

As soon as he emails or messages me (or any one else) that conversation IS NOT privileged (take note kids). I also CLEARLY STATE IT in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of my site.

Bottom line, NOTHING is private and if you don’t want what you’re saying to be shared…keep your mouth shut.

This article is dedicated to the awesomeness of Gary Heyer driving to the Temple of Bliss in Minnesota.


PPS. If there’s anything the Feds should be concerned about is the whereabouts of the women in the videos. 

  1. Ronald Lohan 1 year ago
    Member Since: 10/15/17

    Wow! This is a nutzo world.

    Why Shawn needs to cover face is beyond me. Probably looks gay! Spikes at 2 feet, most experts can throw 20 feet with dead accuracy…. Shawn needs to try that and record it.

    Chris, well Chris will be Chris… sounds like he needs a job! I never brag, just perform when I to….

    I think Gary needs a Lyft to never-never land.

    I’ll say this….. jealousy is a bitch, ain’t it?

    Keep up the good work, Damian!

  2. J. D. 1 year ago

    Gary…a test case for the FBI…perhaps an investigation is in order..of him!

  3. Anonymous 1 year ago

    I got an A in abnormal psychology 25 years ago, and I still have to stop, and take a long look at more than a few 2 legged creatures.

  4. Lee 1 year ago
    Member Since: 03/19/17

    Hello Damian and ‘all’. We concentrate on ‘that guy’, or ‘those guys’ as potentially hazardous to our health. Well, I went in to have my teeth routinely cleaned from a dentist whom I know well, and who has knocked himself out for me in the past. I was truly trusting as the ‘hygenist’ went about her business. BIG MISTAKE! Can you guess what happened next? She not only smacked my gums with her floss (Ow!), but tried to perform a LTTG (Lobotomy thru the gums), jamming something into my front teeth. Six weeks later, I’m still not right, and yes, I passed this on to said dentist. Point to be taken, PROTECT YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES. Just so you know. I enjoy your e-mails.

  5. David Long 1 year ago
    Member Since: 06/14/17

    It doesn’t matter if your teaching a Self-Defense course or a course in Ballet… Your bound to get hate mail.. The key word is TEACHING, here. The haters are simply JEALOUS you are making an honest living and attempting to do some good in the world. and YOU TOOK the initiative to Teach it to others.

    Keep up the good work Damian. (Your making a DIFFERENCE!!

  6. Jack Frohn 1 year ago
    Member Since: 03/23/17

    Yoga bliss actually complimented you Damian. He said your a LETHAL WEAPON !!
    Ya gotta love that.

  7. Anonymous 1 year ago

    He’s driving slow in the passing, lane and has a mile of traffic behind, cars are passing in the driving lane, now he moves over and gives you the finger, trying to express his life’s miseries to you.

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