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He Hate Me

He Hate Me


I need to get something off my chest…

I’ve been offering The Self Defense Training System online since 2002 and I’ve heard it all before…

“You can’t learn from a video!”

“Its a scam!”

“You need an instructor!”

“Self defense takes YEARS to master!”

Do you know what EVERY person has in common who makes these statements about me and the Self Defense Training System?

They never tried it and they refuse to listen to the people who ACTUALLY DO IT?!?!?

Look at these reviews: https://www.myselfdefensetraining.com/user-reviews/

Look at these REAL success stories: https://www.myselfdefensetraining.com/success-stories

The truth is out there, these are real people and there are thousands more like them. 

In spite of the success stories and the thousands of people already training with us at www.myselfdefensetraining.com they continue to make these false statements…and they’re ANGRY. 

And that’s OK.

It’s OK they hate me – because I know why they’re scared – I threaten their way of life. People invest YEARS and untold thousands of dollars in their training and here we are telling them for self defense…it’s not necessary. 

They have been told from the first day they walk into the studio that they need to invest tons of time and money of their life. 

That’s because every gym, dojo and studio depends on you training longer and more often. 

In order for a studio to survive they depend on three things – new students, retention and renewals. I should know, I used to own three locations myself.

Martial arts schools make money when you train longer and more often. To accomplish this they pad their curriculums with forms, weapons and endless self defense counters. They dangle the “black belt” over your head in order to keep you coming back longer and longer. They put minimums on class requirements and time in training.

I’m not saying studio owners are evil – I wasn’t evil and I have excellent martial arts school owners who also teach The Self Defense Training System – but the business of martial arts needs you to come back and train longer in order to keep the lights on. The reason the “dojo model” does this is because the biggest overhead for the studio is rent and that’s based on time. THE LONGER YOU TRAIN, THE BETTER FOR BUSINESS

Let me ask you…why do you have to train for a specific amount of time?

If you know it, you know it – why do you have to spend 3 months learning something if it only takes you 3 weeks?

Even the way they’re teaching you is the absolute slowest way to learn. How they teach it is ANTIQUATED because it’s INEFFICIENT when it comes to self defense. You learn by-rote combined with verbal communication – this is the same technology cavemen and Native Americans used. Not since the printing press has something been so outdated.

Maybe after martial arts class you can go rent a video at Blockbuster and call your mom from a pay-phone…

I use multi-media of video, print and live support to educate you, just like the best schools and universities are doing today. 

Even what they teach as self defense and has never worked as described. (when was the last time someone grabbed your wrist and stood there…waiting for you to react?!?!)

Martial arts make you train on their schedule – We’re here whenever you want us, wherever you need us.

Martial Arts are expensive, you can pay up to $100 to $300 per month or more! – we’re inexpensive, an Elite Membership costs the same as a month of their training.

You have to go to them – we come to you.

Look, there are great benefits from martial arts training and if you want to go do that – great. Get in shape, win trophies, make a lot of friends. I have three black belts and several other ranks and I wouldn’t give those up for anything. But when it comes to self defense…you don’t need all of that. 

What we’re doing is revolutionary – we are the first of our kind and I know that we are ruffling some feathers. 

Now look, I don’t think martial arts school owners are evil and trying to scam you…most of them are good people running an honest business – the problem is their business model is flawed, broken and outdated when it comes to self defense.

Don’t worry martial arts school owners, you can keep your traditions, your forms, your sparring, your competitions and your trophies, but when it comes to self defense…you’re out of your depth.

Now I don’t know if you’re ready to start training with us today, tomorrow or next week – all I can tell you is that this offer to train is not going to last forever.

We only allow 4,500 new members each year and people are signing up faster than before.

To be one of the lucky 4,500 go to:


Even if you’re not ready to start right now, it’s better to lock in your membership now – than have to wait until next year when we open the books again.

No matter how much non-believers scream, point fingers and make unsubstantiated, uninformed accusations, the future of self defense is here and it’s called The Self Defense Training System. 

Train Honestly,

Damian Ross
Founder, The Self Defense Company

PS. One of the BEST Compliments I received was from someone who signed up and after watching the first few videos of Module 1 said “This is simple, I could have thought of this…”. First of all…you didn’t think of it and second – that’s the point. Simplicity is the hallmark of genius. Needless to say I gave him his money back and I sent him on his way. 

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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. –I first heard of Judo a few years after surviving a violent assault “an outrageously terrifying event that forever changed my life” by a psychopath who was NEVER caught by the police.   So “it was a no-brainer”!  I got signed- up, as I NEVER wanted to feel so helpless and vulnerable again!  I enjoyed it, was later trained in police Judo tactics, and then tried a couple of the Korean striking arts,  and did a brief trial of American Kenpo.  While this  training provided self-defense aspects, it tended to be  more sport and “joint lock and restraint” oriented,  and in my view, not really that practical for the type of violence that I had survived.  It also required either expensive financial contracts or monthly payments and “a- hell- of- a- lot- of”  in-class calisthenics that I could do at home – “thank you”.  

    –I  eventually found  Hapkido which was designed for self-defense.  I liked it much better at the time.  My instructor, 2nd degree black belt from Korea, was an incredibly skilled, and proficient fighter,  and I learned much and sincerely miss training with him.   But there were hundreds of techniques to learn, many complex motor movements, almost endless grabbing defenses, and risky training that finally left me too injured  to physically continue in any martial art for a lengthy time.   Parts of my body were broken,  but most of all, my “heart and spirit”.    

    –So about 4 years ago, I discovered Damian and the SDC, and am now a life-time member.  I adore what he offers, “the gift of survival” in a violent world, no matter what the politically correct want to tell us.  And the SDC training is all based upon a proven foundation of fighting skills by legends  like Lt. Col. William Fairbairn who reportedly survived over 600 violent fights during his distinguished military and law enforcement career and has been referred to “as one of the most badass martial arts masters the world has ever seen.”  That is more than good enough for me!  

    Now in my latter 60s, I can train again,  much  more safely than ever before, and continue to hone practical and effective close combat and personal safety skills from an established expert in the field!  “It is just what the doctor ordered”,  and I oughta know, because I became that doctor.  

    –Thanks Damian, for giving me my “new lease” on self-defense training!  You are the best!

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