The C.R.A.S.H Method

Control Remove Assess Separate and Hold

Most situations can be resolved easily without the use of force if you know how to do it. All it takes is the right approach and today you’re going to discover how to do this and stop a potentially violent situation before it escalates out of control with the CRASH Method from the Protector: CSI Program. 

We’ve taught this to cops, school teachers, bouncers, security agents and every day people who would rather resolve an issue than take video of it. 

This simple and direct approach to conflict resolution is something well trained officers use every day and now you can too. 

This is from the Protector:CSI program. This program is shows you exactly how police and high level security personal minimize risk as they operate in hazardous environments. 

To learn more about how you can be one of the few people to get access to Protector GO HERE <<

Thanks for joining us and I’ll see you over there.

Damian CircularDamian Ross
Founder/CEO The Self Defense Company


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