How to Practice Self Defense On Your Own?

How to Practice Self Defense On Your Own?

Another great question from the CORE COMBAT WEBINAR.

Let’s start from the beginning…Self Defense isn’t a martial art or a sport - it’s a natural instinct that is designed to break the “predator - prey” scenario.

Unlike a prizefight where you’re training to defeat a single opponent of your same size and experience at a specific time and date under a specific set of rules designed for safety - self defense can occur at any time, any place against larger, multiple and probably armed attackers.

What you need to dismiss is thinking you’re going to be able to defeat all comers - no matter who they are…even the baddest toughest fighter in the world CAN’T DO THAT.

However, what you can do is break the predator-prey relationship you have with your attacker. If you act like prey, you will become prey. He’s attacking you in a specific way and he EXPECTS a specific type of reaction. As soon as you respond differently - all bets are off.

It starts with awareness and avoidance and then resistance. This requires a specific set of tactics and tenches that DON’T require a partner at all however there is one BASIC (and very important) way you need to practice…YOU NEED TO HIT SOMETHING!

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