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How to REALLY Kick a Guy in the Nuts

How to REALLY Kick a Guy in the Nuts

Kicking the Nuts for Most People is Literally “Hit or Miss”

Most people’s response to any self defense situation is just “kick him in the nuts”. It’s what you’ve been saying since 3rd grade and it’s easier said than done. The majority of people on the planet grossly overestimate their ability to do any real damage to the male genitalia. The testicles are the REAL target of a genital attack and if you need to know a few key points to cause the desired effect.

Common Mistakes People Make When Attacking the Wedding Tackle

Common Mistake 1: Just the Tip. Attacking the testicles from the front will offer little or no damage to your attacker.
Common Mistake 2: Gut Shot. Attacking the core or center mass of a larger attacker is not effective.











Please take note – the techniques above are not going to cause any significant damage, and what’s most likely going to happen next is that the two subjects will converge putting them into a grappling situation where the larger – stronger subject has the advantage.

Truth be told, I spent years in Tae Kwon Do and 20 years of life  thinking I knew how to “kick the twig and berries” but it wasn’t until combatives that I REALLY understood how it to do it in a way to cause serious trauma enough to put a man down.

Your Testicles and You

Testicles are like a speed bag – meant to take hits from the front and side.

Think of the testicles like a speed bag. If hit from the front or sides they will move and absorb the strike. Grazing them will cause pain when you’re in a relaxed or normal state, but under fight or flight stress it will go unnoticed. In order to have a stopping effect on your attacker, you must cause SHOCK to his nervous system (or Shock and AAWWWW!).

The only way to cause serious, blood curdling trauma to the testicles (think of the speed bag) is to smash them directly up into the pelvis bone or squeeze and pull them away from the body. Every man reading this just flinched.

To accomplish this you need a direct path to the testicles from underneath. The force from this direction will smash them into the pelvic bone giving you the desired stopping power to drop him like a bad habit.

That being said you need to have enough room to get that knee, shin, tip of boot, edge of hand, hammer fist, forearm, web of hand into the crotch. For that you need enough space for entry. This means your target must have his feet close to parallel and wide enough apart so your attack can fit. Now in a fight when you’re constantly moving, that doesn’t happen too often.

In addition, if you make any sort of attack toward the male genitalia in a non-friendly manner, there’s not a guy on the planet who will not react, flinch or close his legs. Men have been conditioned to protect the family jewels at all costs, our species depends on it.

Night in the Ruts

The Saddle Kick  makes contact with the shin and/or instep.


The Driving Knee, must be deep and come from underneath. In order to do that you must be extremely close to your attacker.











In order to create an opening you need to do something that accomplishes two things – distracts him from millions of years of evolution and bring his feet parallel. Two great techniques for this are the Finger Dart from SDTS Combatives Module 5 and the Earbox with Eye Gouge/Head Shake from SDTS Combatives Module 2. Follow it up with a Driving Knee from SDTS Module 1 or a Saddle Kick from SDTS Module 1.


The best way to practice – 100% full power on a training dummy, pad, heavy bag or someone you really don’t like.



Attacking the testicles will give you the desired result but it needs to be practiced correctly, with intent and full power if you want to stop an attacker dead in his tracks. Pretending to hit the testicles or striking at them will not do a thing…and that will drive you nuts.





Train Honestly,

Damian Ross
The Self Defense Company




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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. “Every man reading this just flinched”
    Oh, yes I cringed hard..
    ” Men have been conditioned to protect the family jewels at all costs, our species depends on it.”
    This is a beautiful sentence. :D

  2. “and that will drive you nuts.”  
    The puns in here are ridiculous.  I love it.  Good info too.

  3. I
    quite like the slap, grab, and twist lol. Another thing a lot of
    people don’t think about is during the fight or flight response in a
    confrontation or in cold weather the testicles are pulled up close to
    the body. The testicles are more difficult to attack in this state and
    must be slammed up against the pubic bone to have a desirable effect.

  4. The best method is to grab a squeeze. Slap your palm upwards into his scrotum and wrap your fingers around one testicle. Try to avoid grabbing his penis. Begin squeezing his testicle hard and the pain will make him pass out in less than ten seconds.

  5. There many methods of this attack any of which cause the internal pressure of the testicle to rise causing ; pain in the testicle to travel to the guts (they feel like they are being ripped out), a sick feeling in the stomach (like you are going to throw-up), Parillisus of the diaphragm and chest mussels (in the exhaled position ) and you can’t breath in causing unconscious in about 20 – 30 sec. The male will go into the fetal position, if he doesn’t hold his balls they will protrude beyond his this legs, exposing them to another aimed attack. All this has to do with the Plexus nerve and the Parasympathetic Nevis system. Which being over whelmed with nervis energy causing a loss of strength because this nerve signals also over whelm the sympathetic nervis system. This debilitating feeling can not be felt by a woman except if she has a disease of the ovaries. The above effects are caused by a kick, knee, etc.. Now the squeeze in any form causes the pressure in the testicle to rise and stay there or increase causing not a temporary but lasting effect. With a more lasting effect. *note to girls if the male puts his thumbs on your eyes LET GO and try something else. Or you risk blindness or death.
    An attack to the female groin is to the clitoris. In a socker type kick the energy is absorbed by the mound of vesuvuis and the vulva major( large women have the advantage). The kick must be to the upper half of the slit with a toes pointed up. This kick or other strike is harder to execute. This type scraps the top half of the vulva and causes the vulva to open exposing the iner-vulva and clitoris to a scraping motion agenst the pelvis or breaking the pelvis. This causes the many nerves to be torn or damaged. The effects will cause the girl to go down and be in the fetal position and possibly not wanting or able to move.

  6. you scum ,you are talking about the most terrible way to kill a person as if it was a normal thing . fighting is not a reason to kill each other you forget that crime is very easy ,a six years child holding a gun can kill the strongest man in the world by a little click . According to your principles i think that every man must have a gun, grab it when any ass hole like you try to do this shit he must put some bullets in the head of the dirty mother fucker

    1. Excuse me! You are the one who came looking for this info and now you say that? Besides this isn’t probably for men and mostly for women for using it as an act of self defense and also probably for men in case they are insecure
      So you don’t need to go posting hate comments in something that could help save an innocent life


  7. I hit by a female 24yrs old in the nuts by shoes & knee.I grabbed my nuts & become unconcious about1 minute. When i was in 7th standard i got a knee in my nuts. But it delivered a small pain. In 2004 i got kicks & punches in the nuts, now i am 40 but it still pains me

  8. There is so much misconception and false information about a males balls. ai went to a all boys high school and there were fights almost daily. Guys would punch aand kick each others balls as hard as they could. I saw a couple of guys get stomped in their balls. I never saw any of the actually pass out. I’m talking about very strong muscular guys. The balls was a primary target in most of the fights. Most of the guys kept fighting after taking a blow to their balls. It would slow the guy down and weaken him some but the guy usually didn’t show he was in pain until after the fight ended and that’s when he would walk away holding his balls or sit down holding his balls and groaning. Yeah, males balls are very sensitive but they are quite resilient and can withstand a lot of punishment. I’ve been hit and kicked in my balls and the pain was excruciating but I never felt like I was going to pass out, I just had pain in my balls and stomach. Maybe some guys are just weaker or brainwashed into thinking that they should pass out or become paralyzed. There are lots of males who pay women and other men to kick, knee, and punch them in their balls and they don’t faint or vomit all over themselves. Young males all over the world have formed roshambo clubs where they compete to see who can take the most blows of all sorts to his balls. They also play last man standing to see who will fall down first from taking powerful blows to his balls. Guys punch each other in the balls for fun in middle and high schools, it’s called sac taping. So I think that a lot of this myth about males being totally disabled from a blow to the balls is highly exaggerated. Now grabbing and squeezing a males balls is probably far more painful and debilitating than blow because it can be intensified and made to last longer even to the point of rupture.

  9. The above anonymous comment was for defense Tactics to be used in life threatening situations only.
    To smith lets see what you do when the pressure in you testicles goes above 10 bars, when force is applied.
    I bet you are reduced to a sniveling weak puppy on the ground. Also a kick punch etc. can cause a rupture,
    if delivered correctly. The rupture or tear of the two testicle coverings accompanied by rupture of the 9-14 chambers
    (containing tubes where sperm is made) causes the jelly like stuff to leak out. Depending on the number of
    chambers ruptured will determine if the testicle is to be removed or repaired. Any way your small walnut seized balls will swell to the size of plums or worse. Also the risk of injury is increased if the blow is delivered to the back center of the testicle where all the nerves, blood supply, vasdeferins etc. enter the testicle.

  10. P.S. Lets see what happens to anyone if they exhale and hold the their breath in the exhaled position
    for as long as they can, or for 30 or more seconds. I bet they pass out!!!!

  11. Go ahead dumb s**t, do this and get sued into the stone age and end up homeless pushing a shopping cart full of aluminum cans the rest of your life. As long as you’re at it, where’s the website devoted to kicking a woman Straight Up in the c*nt ???

  12. Last year my teacher asked me what would be more painfull, if he kicked me in the groin or if he tapped my scrotum with too fingers.
    I said that a kick would be alot more painfull and then he poked his fingers into the back part of my scrotum into my epididymis of my testicles. The pain was so bad I couldn’t even stand up for 10 minutes.

  13. My girlfriend laughed when I showed her this. She said no woman needs instructions on how to go for a guys nuts. And I can vouch for her accuracy because every time we have a fight, no matter how hard I try to protect myself, she always finishes me by nailing me square in the balls with a kick, knee or grab

  14. A whole lot of sub-conscious fear showing up as machismo. I think you hit a lot of nerves, Damian.
    Oral (OK) Neal L-5

  15. Damian is correct most of techniques here are from WW2 and they been proven and then again they are for only grave Danger

  16. How about an article on twisting someone’s head. Lots of articles and especially movies make it seem it would kill a person. I have read elsewhere though that if the head is twisted so the chin passes the shoulder it overloads the nervous system and makes you pass out. I suppose both may be possible.

  17. I’ve been a nurse for over 30 years, and i’ve seen just about everything. Testicle injuries are more common than ever which I think is down to girls’ greater awareness of the sensitivity of the testicles, and confidence in their ability to attack them.
    Whist bruising is still the most common injury, many males have to undergo a retrieval operation where the organ(s) are forced up into the abdomen through the inguinal canals: in these cases the testicles are usually intact when repositioned. Rupture of the testicles is still surprisingly rare – the outer covering of these glands is very tough and highly elastic. The tissues within, however, are easily damaged and infertility can result even if the testicle is intact. If the testicle(s) is ruptured this is usually due to the organ being crushed against the pubic bone by a kick with a hard shoe or a knee: i’ve only come across two cases of testicles being ruptured with a hard squeeze by a girl. One was a single testicle being squeezed by a woman during a rape attempt, and the other was when two girls tied up an unfaithful boyfriend and tortured him!
    For the girls: when squeezing testicles in a self defence situation, squeezing just one organ is more effective than trying to squeeze both at once. This is because a girl’s hand is not normally large enough to gather both testicles at the same time, and our limited hand strength is more effective when concentrated on just the one.
    Incidentally, FYI, trauma to the testicles causes the abdominal muscles to contract violently. This caused the victim to double over, and if the pain continues (as when being squeezed?!) interferes with him being able to breathe. This is normally the cause of guys losing consciousness: they are not actually ”knocked out”. This reflex relaxes when he’s asleep, and breathing resumes.
    Girls : buy hard- toed shoes
    Guys : buy a box!

    1. When I was 19 I attended a self defense course offered by our college. It was run by a veteran of women’s self defense and rape protection. She had also some medical background. She told us once: ‘A girl’s hand can be a vicious weapon of destruction when used correctly’. One brutal technique she called ‘pick a plum’. By playing along you aim to get a good access to his exposed genitals. At first gently caress his genitals and feel the target with your fingers before you strike. You should then isolate one testicle by locking your forefinger and thumb over the top of it, form a tight fist and then forcefully squeeze, twist as much as possible and jerk really hard. Use the whole momentum of your arm. Keep on crushing it with your fingers. You can also use your second hand to hit it hard with the knuckles pointing sharply forward. If he has a loose scrotum sac this should cause some irreparable damage to his organ especially tearing the spermatic cord or detachment of the epididymis from the testis. The common man’s reaction to such injuries is convulsing, vomiting and finally passing out. At this point you can release the grip and flee.
      She demonstrated the whole move in detail on a sock with two half-ripe plums. Seeing what got left from those plums we had no doubt it would do the job. She emphasized: Don’t be squeamish we have to do whatever it takes to defend ourselves and to escape the scene, even if it means to castrate the guy.

      1. Ladies from experience horse riding ,if your testicles twist and cut the blood circulation, if not corrected this causes an infection due to a loss of blood flow without a puncture. Needing medical assistance. I almost lost my left leg through bruising handling cattle after being repeatedly kicked in the leg. It can be nasty .

  18. It goes beyond compliments. I’ve had a guy compliment me, and it’s nice but I’m the type where I’ve always felt uncomfortable to be put on the spot like that (long story but this ties into my childhood). However, it’s nice to hear. 
    Then I’ve had a guy, without asking me directly through other people, find out what things I liked, what I wanted in life, my favorite things, what books I’ve read, what movies I loved, my goals and dreams just so he could go a step further – which by the way, got my attention!

  19. It didn’t matter who he was or how different we were, the fact that he spent all that time thinking about me, wanting to know me, discovering things I wanted or liked just so he could know me in order to have more of an in depth conversation was something different from the normal, casual comment. 
    Be different. Even asking questions about small things out of nowhere will get her attention and the wheels will start turning in her mind. If you ask her about her and all the things that make her that one person out of 6 or 7 billion other people, you are one step ahead of the rest.

  20. Complements of her choices (style, hair), her interests, just pay attention to what she’s photographing and try to relate to it. People take pictures of their interests, mostly. So pretty much anything she’s taking a pic of is probably something she likes
    Unless it’s a selfie, in which case, as I mentioned, complement something she chose, not something physical

  21. Try taking a cue from the way she comments on other people’s pics, it’s a pretty good guideline of what she thinks is appropriate.
    Girls mostly like comments that are inclined to their side. Time and situation doesn’t matter at all. Even in pressure situation, they will like comments in their favor.

  22. Your are looking beautiful” this simple comment can solve worst quarrels between you and your female partner.
    Conclusion is girls like comments about them and in optmistic manner , though not truth.

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    1. Hello,
      Nice to meet you too. We’re pleased to have you on board and that you like it. I’m not the owner but I know there is much work to do behind the scenes in order to make this site work. Enjoy the training!

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