Taking down a combative, and dangerous subject is NOT like it is in the movies. It takes teamwork, a little skill and guts.

The following is from the Protector: CSI Program.

We teach this method to law enforcement and security and if you’re the kind of person who would rather step up instead of sitting back trying to make a viral video, then you should check out this program.

Protector: CSI is NOT for everyone.

Like we say – “Only Sheep Dogs Need Only Apply.”


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  1. nwillison21@gmail.com 5 months ago
    Member Since: 10/10/18

    This was this first program I purchased, to align myself and improve myself back to basics. it all rolled into my pursuit of becoming an instructor. The information contained in the various programs offered are extremely valuable, and you can also increase your effectiveness while decreasing your time to master these techniques by working with a SDC certified instructor, either in person, or by utilizing our online training portal!

    ~Nate the Norseman – Level 3 SDC Instructor


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